You can find YouTube reviews (top site navigation) from everyday people to large companies using QuantaDose products. Far-UV lighting products are only now picking up steam in the marketplace, with 100% of the research done in 2020 showing 222nm as effective against viruses and safe for people when filtered of longer harmful UVC wavelengths >230nm. Far-UV hasn’t received the media attention it deserves at all! But it will, a leftover consortium from the Trump era, and believers in hitting the body with a mighty light.  The Highlanders use electromagnetic radiation in the invisible light wavelength of 222nm, deploying the shields they say are needed to protect humanity with this very powerful germicidal light.

I’ll share some cool pictures from a customer yesterday showing the most reflecting Far-UVC material on earth (Porex-PMR10 over 98 percent at 222nm) surrounding a 60 Watt Far-UVC excimer KrCl 222nm light bulb.   First, check out the reflectance with Porex-PMR10, unreal!

Far-uv-Reflectance-of Porex-PMR10-over-98-percent-at-222nm-far-uvc-light-reflector


TOP: 1st image, shows no far-UVC reflection  || 2nd image amazing reflectance with Porex-PMR10 || 3rd image expected result for the line of sight irradiance of 222nm



BOTTOM: 1st image, QuantaDose glowing UV-C detects 222nm at 50m  || 2nd image a 50-meter stroll from Far-UV Moon || 3rd image 60-watt Excimer KrCl 222nm Moonlight