This is absolutely the only UVC test card on the market using a patent-pending method (WPV) of visualizing photochromic changes to within very accurate and meaningful UVC intensity readings in real-time.

I took a picture with a quality UVC meter proving exactly as the description says when the card is under a REAL germicidal UVC light the word ULTRAVIOLET first appears at 300 Micro-watt per square meter (µW/cm²).

I also included a picture of the card exposed to 555 µW/cm² so you can see the word is much better defined.

I went a step further in the video by using a small piece of glass to filter out the UVC. This little trick with the glass can be used to see how much UVA or UVB is mixed in with your UVC led light wands.

If the light contains UVA or UVB it will go through the glass as seen in this video of a fake UVC light wand.  The missing letters UV-C glowing is a sure sign its fake before the glass test.


The card has a very-wide band intensity response and a perfectly calibrated wavelength indicator that glows green. Its very simple to use, when the UVC is glowing in the top, you can count of the word ULTRAVIOLET popping up at 300 µW/cm².

The fake test strips out there that cant give you a point of calibration are as bad as the fake lighting products!

You can’t tell if you have a good UVC light until you can measure the for the correct wavelength and if the UVC power level is within a germicidal range of intensity which the QuantaDose does both!

Wonderful innovation and great support that answered some very technical questions I had about that product. I highly recommend it!