I got the Quantadose rapid uvgi intensity test card to check a UV light I got on Amazon. It has a number on the front if that helps QDZEQO4ZL2ZTJCZ2ND.

My issue is that the light I bought lights up the word UVC but it is not green.


Is this a problem? Should I send the light back?

Thanks for the input.

=======Starting Input ==========


The good news there is a UV-C led in the array, however, most of the UV power hitting the card is a longer wavelength than UV-C.  Which is not an optimal wavelength for disinfection.   There is a test you can do with the quantadose using a pair of regular none UV protected reading glasses – the dollar store kind.
The reading glasses will block the UV-C spectrum.  This will be confirmed when you put the glasses between the top test area and your UV light.   You will notice you can no longer see the UV-C at all.
Now do the same with the lower test area covering half the test area with the glasses and see if the color is the same shade under the glasses and direct light exposure.
If they are the same color you will know almost all the power from the UV light is in the wrong wavelength of UV to be truly called germicidal.
Many manufacturers add just enough UV-C to say it’s in the light – my guess would be 2 shortwave UVC LEDs and 4 longwave UV LEDs.
Take a close-up picture of the front LED’s and I can tell you.  Personally, I would not use it!
The is no reason for UVB or UVA to be in an array of LEDs designed for UV-C sanitization.  That’s a huge warning flag!
The truth is 90% of the LED lights made in China are doing this!  As long as Americans keep buying them leaving 5-star reviews I suspect they will continue flooding the market with this junk that could be deadly for someone!
Fight back with a return label!
Katie Webb