QuantaDose UVC Light Test Card Questions and Answers From Amazon Customers

Amazon customer Stargazer asked, “My UVC lights do not show UV-C on the quantadose card, only the ultraviolet shows on the bottom. Are they phonys?”

First, let us make sure you aren’t assuming the UV-C indicator remains glowing after it is removed from the light source. The UVC indicator will only glow when exposed to direct UV-C light.

Remember, you must always protect your eyes and skin from UV irradiation and follow the light manufacturers’ guidelines when operating the device for safe usage in close proximity to any UV source.

As long as there is no misunderstanding of how step 1 works.

The short answer, if these UVC lights were marketed to you as UVC germicidal lights, then YES, they are 100% phonies when there is no reaction making UV-C glow, but it’s way worse than that because of the stage of the pandemic we are in today!

Nine months ago, those most at risk of mortality unsure of what types of UVC device to buy, and a wave of new companies entering into the UVC business trying to figure out how to measure UVC effectiveness made up a large part of our call volume, along with companies looking to utilize UVC to protect their customers.

This dynamic has changed dramatically. We now get calls from patients still laying in their hospital beds, recovering from weeks in ICU, gratefully looking forward to being released in days, unlike so many that walked into the same doors.

These people were the first to share how they are counting blessings for such a massive supply of oxygen being available here in the USA as their lives depended on ridiculously high-flow levels of oxygen to stay alive so they could avoid a ventilator.

However, when these COVID survivors return to their communities, homes, and workplaces, they will not be taking their safety for granted as they plan their decisive countermeasures while awaiting discharge from their life-saving medical care.

I have learned our worst fear we tried to circumvent through consumer education and easy-to-use QuantaDose UV-C test cards; unfortunately, they are a reality now; our worst fears about faulty unregulated consumer-grade UVC devices sold on marketplaces resembling a global wild-wild west (WWW) marketplace formally known as our global world-wide-web.

Remarkably right out in the open many of today’s commerce sites display little difference from the Dark Web’s notorious Silk Road!

2020 marks a sad year in online retail as anything was sold for a commission, no matter how deadly its potential was for the consumer, and falsely advertised UVC devices are among the worst offenders amidst record-setting online pandemic profits!

The deadly nature of these online UV sanitizer scams has gone full circle. Many people who COVID has stricken down fell victim to underpowered and outright fake UVC devices. By providing these victims a potentially very deadly false sense of protection.

Sellers on mainstream sites, typically based outside the USA, make outrageous claims in their advertising, showing a UVC device that can safely disinfect PPE like a mask, which requires a minimum of 1000 mJ/cm^ to meet CDC guidelines.

Let’s get a QuantaDose card and show the different Step 1 results under several light conditions to put the phony UVC products into a light wavelength that we can all see with our own eyes to spot the deception before it has the opportunity to become deadly.

I have several different wavelengths here, UVC bulbs and several UV/UVC LEDs, to mix to validate other wavelengths of light interference in Step 1 UV-C testing.

Now we will take some video footage of the UV-C indicator to demonstrate how different indicator colors can provide useful data on the wavelengths of irradiation being emitted from a UV device.