QuantaDose UVC Test Card

What is the difference between 1st and 2nd gen QuantaDose UVC light test cards?

The most important differences between the 1st and 2nd edition QuantaDose™ UVC test cards pertain to usage of high power UVC industrial-grade PPE disinfection equipment. 2nd Edition Differences: 1) More Resilient PVC prevents aging/tanning when using high power UVC 2) Higher card to analyte contrast for better visualization of WPV (Word Power Visibility) [...]

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I tested their calibration on word power visibility! It’s surprisingly accurate as described

This is absolutely the only UVC test card on the market using a patent-pending method (WPV) of visualizing photochromic changes to within very accurate and meaningful UVC intensity readings in real-time. I took a picture with a quality UVC meter proving exactly as the description says when the card is under a REAL germicidal UVC [...]

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It Looks Like Working As Advertised! Hoping the results of this card are all correct.

Hi D. K. QuantaDose™ indeed discovered a revolutionary advancement in the preciseness of using photochromic analytes for UVC detection when inverted word power visibility (WPV) was introduced around the world with the 1st edition QuantaDose™ UVC test card that you purchased. The QuantaDose™ UVC intensity test card relies on calibrated word legibility [...]

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So if my uvc light takes 5 minutes to show the word ultraviolet, it’s intensity is around 20 times less than 300 uw/cm^2?

Please don't leave the QuantaDose test card exposed to a UV source for 5 minutes.  The QuantaDose UVC test card is designed for rapid intensity testing (15-second result), prolonged exposure will cause photodegradation effects to photochromic analytes. There are three main types of UVC test cards on the market today. With [...]

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The intensity scale has two numbers for each range of color shades. the second number is spf. is the first number mj/cm^2 per second?

The 1st edition QuantaDose™ "UVC intensity test" relies ONLY on calibrated word legibility starting at 300 µW/cm² when the word ”ULTRAVIOLET” first becomes legible during exposure to UVC light. 300 µW/cm² is the only calibrated level for UVC intensity for meaningful calculation. The difference between word visibility and full-color change under UVC [...]

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If the UVC bulb picks up band 200nms to 400 nms, is it correct to think that this dosimeter would not pick up a bulb emitting 180-185 nms?

The UVC emissions at 185nm are absorbed 100% by oxygen in the air, hence this is the ozone producing part of the electromagnetic spectrum.   In low-pressure mercury-vapor lamps, there are spectrum lines present at 184 nm and 254 nm.   Special fused silica glass is used in the manufacturing to keep the 184 [...]

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I wish it would do a slow fade so I can really see it and not think it is my imagination, but compared to the other strips, this one turns a neon green when under UVC light and the UV purple turns a bright purple and slowly fades. I am glad I got this.

Hi, it sounds like you have confirmed you do have a real UVGI light. UVC wavelengths are shorter than UVA/UVB so the energy doesn't penetrate the UV analyte as deeply, this results in UVC having a lighter color at higher energy values with shorter wavelengths. The lighter color, and a short time [...]

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Hi – so if the card reads “ULTRAVIOLET” after the test, does that mean it’s emitting enough UV light to sanitize most surfaces?

Hi N.P, The word "ULTRAVIOLET" in the lower test area is the "key calibration point" for UVC intensity. This is dependant on when the word "ULTRAVIOLET" FIRST BECOMES VISIBLE, ( when you can first read the word under UVC light) as the known point of reference at 300 µW/cm² . Over-all color [...]

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