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The Quanta Spray™ has your routine disinfectant needs covered.

The disinfecting properties of Quanta Spray™ Electrolyzed Water as well as NaClO and Chlorine ions in the water are possible from the oxidizing power of free oxygen atoms in chlorine’s molecular substitution reactions based on PH levels. (Reactions that form HOCL and subsequent reactions that split HOCL in HCL and Oxygen.)

Titanium Alloy Electrolytic Plates

Titanium anode and cathode mesh plates are valued for high strength, light weight and corrosion-resistant properties for electrolyzed water.

Powered By 5V USB Sources

Micro-UBS to regular USB cable for power supply gives the Quanta Spray limitless power access for instant water+salt electrolysis anywhere.

200 ml Portable Spray Bottle

The Quanta Spray creates 200 ml of a perfectly ready to use disinfectant in only 2 minutes

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The Most Amazing Disinfectant Generator In The World!

If Quanta Spray is such an amazing disinfectant why don’t you see electrolyzed water in stores? Beside it costing them the sales of so many other cleaners. There is a good reason.

Easy question really, because NaClO dissipates back to a stable natural state (think of bubbles in soda) after about 24 hours electrolyzed water will lose most if not all of its disinfecting power to balanced PH levels and reduced free chlorine.

That’s why the all-natural Quanta Spray is made fresh at home or on the go in just two minutes! Those days of storing harmful chemicals for daily cleaning task are over in just two minutes after plugging in the Quanta Spray for the first time.

DunHome Quanta sized the spray bottle at 200ml, just under 7 ounces so that you can easily use it up within a day, and make plenty more when needed with only table salt and water.

Sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, is the world’s most frequently used disinfecting agent. It is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that is effective for the disinfection of viruses and bacteria. However, sodium hypochlorite is NOT effective for the disinfection of bacterial spores and prions. The Quanta Spray should not be used for body or food sterilization.

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Residential and Commercial Cleaning

The Quanta Spray is ranked the number one most trusted portable disinfectant generator for homes and businesses by WARONFUL

Using the best products

Save a lot of money and protect your health making your own safe disinfectant spray anytime with only water and salt.

Self-made Disinfectant Process Happens In Front of Your Eyes

The Quanta Spray Disinfectant Solution Maker Should Be At The Top Of Everyone’s Pandemic Countermeasures List!


Let us take care of all your cleaning service needs.

Easy Touch Semi-Auto Spray feature creates the perfect disinfectant mist in 2 second burst of 3 micron droplets with each light squeeze that covers surface areas much better than old fashioned spray bottle trigger pumps that cramped your fingers.



Disinfectant Generator


DIY Cleaner In Just Two Minutes

Quanta Spray is an all organic disinfectant generator. Quanta kills germs as effective as bleach, with NO TOXINS! Safe to use!

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Residential cleaning

QuantSpray Saves your from having to store several harmful and toxic chemicals

Commercial cleaning

Quanta Spray will save you money!

Advance Users Can Supercharge It!

The DUNHOME makes a perfect mixture of ionic disinfectant water with fantastic free chlorine levels and pH for daily cleaning task. However, by adding a few drops of vinegar to the water and salt mixture, results in a change from a positive common bleach ion solution to a supercharged negative HOCL ion solution.

Safe and Effective Cleaning

The Quanta Spray is the world most portable human safe disinfectant maker, created in two minutes anywhere without any harmful chemicals or toxic agents to sterilize your surroundings.

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Make Staying Healthy Easy Again!

Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

DUNHOME QuantaSpray™

Mixing Quanta Spray

Step 1 Add 200ml of regular tap water

Step 2 Add 3g of regular table salt

Shake Mixture and Power Unit

After shaking the mixture it’s time to plug the Quanta Spray into a 5V power source, that can be either a USB wall or car phone charger or a USB power-bank. These days there is no shortage of 5V powersource. This is advantageous to models with built in batteries because if the battery in the unit dies you have to wait sometimes houses for the competition to fully charge before usage. Not with the Quanta Spray, it is always ready to make a batch of disinfectant, simply add the 3g of salt into the water, shake and plug it in!!

IN Just Two Minutes a Perfect Mix

Quanta Spray Fastest On The Market!

How can disinfectant be made stronger and safer too?

After the solution is made the pH levels determine the levels of positive and negative chlorine ions. The reason this is important, HOCL has been proven to be many times for effective than bleach and it’s controlled by a few drops of vinegar. Confirmed by easy to use, and very inexpensive pH Level test strips and Free Chlorine P.P.M test strips

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100% biodegradable

Nothing Harmful at all!

No harmful chemicals used

Quanta Spray disinfectant water spray bottle uses all natural non toxic DIY process to make powerful and safe homemade cleaner.

Only the best DIY cleaning products

The Quanta Spray portable disinfectant generator turns regular tap water and table salt into NaClO Sodium Hypochlorite in only two minutes.

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