NeX-Gen Rapid UVC Detection

The QuantaDose™ UVC intensity test card relies on calibrated word legibility starting at 300 µW/cm² when the word”ULTRAVIOLET” first becomes legible during exposure to UVC light.

The top indicator is needed to confirm UVC intensity is being measured in the lower test area and not UVA/UVB!

The letters UV-C glow brightly when measuring the correct UVGI wavelengths between 250 nm – 275 nm for a minimum calibrated reference point of 300 µW/cm² UVC intensity through simultaneous word legibility and letter visibility.

QuantaDose™ 1st Edition UVC Test

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  • Wide-band Intensity – UVA/UVB/UVC 250-400nm

  • Far-UVC/UVC detection analyte will only glow under a UVC light source between 222 nm – 280 nm

QuantaDose™ has created a specially formulated ink chemistry that is sensitive to only optimal germicidal UVC which will not fluoresce the letters UV-C to visible light or UVA and UVB. This ensures only germicidal wavelengths between 222-280nm are shown in green.

The QuantaDose™ 1st Edition dual-wavelength multi-strip UVC test card measures UV intensity with a very specialized analyte for wide-band photochromic UV intensity dosage between 250-400 nm combined with a narrow-band short-wave fluorescent UVGI indicator for testing optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths.

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QuantaDose™ 2nd Edition UVC Test

The specially formulated UV analyte chemistry made by QuantaDose™ ensures that only germicidal wavelengths between 222-280nm are shown in green “UV-C” letters.

2nd Edition Differences

  • Resilient PVC for Higher Power UVC
  • Higher Card to Analyte Contrast
  • Added UVC/UVB Color Scale Differential
  • Batch Numbers For Quality Control

1st and 2nd edition QuantaDose™ cards both preform the same for general UVC analysis. The added durability of this 2nd Edition was designed for higher power commercial use!

  • Wide-band UVC Intensity – UVA/UVB/UVC
  • Instant UVC Detection – Far-UVC through Near-UVC

    222 nm -280nm

Calibrated word legibility starting at 300 µW/cm² UVC intensity


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6 UV Test Card UVC Test Card Kit

This package is for the avid UVC tester, it includes 6 QuantaDose cards and a 3 Watt UVC wand for test card calibration. Holding the 3 watt light 1 inch away will advise you if your card is still suitable for UV intensity testing.

To get the maximum life out of your extra QuantaDose test cards we provide a resealable Mylar black bag for storage and recommend only exposing the Quantadose card in intervals of no longer than 15 seconds – if you haven’t achieved color change in 15 seconds you are most likely under >300 µW/cm² UVGI intensity.

UVC Test Card Kit With FREE UVC Light Wand

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