Pocket Size Fluorescence Spectroscopy

QuantaDose™ Dual wavelength photochromic intensity indicators are a basic, reliable, low cost, simple, in-house method of monitoring UV intensity along with verifying UVC radiation.

  • Verify the wavelength of UVC light being emitted from a germicidal UV device.
  • Validate UV light intensity being emitted.
  • Confirm the amount of germicidal UV light reaching a surface for disinfection.
  • Detect between 250-400nm UVA/UVB on one scale, and 250-275nm UVC on another from the same reusable UVC light test card.
  • A simple tool for pandemic countermeasures to ensure use of desired optimal germicidal wavelengths.
  • Multi-analyte constituents provide fast chromatic analytical data for UV testing.


QuantaDose™ provides you with real-time results for super fast verification/validation purposes to avoid an increasing number of fake and defective germicidal UVC light products on the market .

This easy-to-use, credit card sized 85.60 mm by 53.98 mm (3 3⁄8 in × 2 1⁄8 in) UV/UVC light test card is an economical way to visualize when the UV disinfection process has truly delivered a powerful level of UVC energy to the target for sterilization.

QuantaDose utilizes fluorescence spectrometry which is an excitation spectrum caused by light absorbed by an analyte (UV test strip) and an emission spectrum from the light emitted/reflected by a multi-analyte UV/UVC test area. The color concentration of the QuantaDose’s specialized analyte is directly proportional with the intensity of the UV emission.

Increase the efficiency of UVC light disinfection and UV safety

When exposed to UVA and UVB wavelengths, the QuantaDose™ test card undergoes a gradual color change from light purple to dark purple that is directly related to the energy value received.

When exposed to UVC germicidal wavelengths, the QuantaDose™ test card undergoes a rapid color change to green where fluorescence is directly related to the energy value received.

What are Ultra Violet (UV) rays?

UV is an electromagnetic ray wave spectrum from 100 to 400 nm (nanometer). This spectrum can be separated in UV-A, UV-B & UV-C. UV-rays are a part of natural light from the sun.

UV-A and UV-B is already well known for causing suntans and the creation of vitamin D3 within our bodies and the unfortunate skin cancers and aging effects after years of sunlight exposure.

Knowledge of UV-C is less spread, because these very powerful shortwave rays normally do not reach us through the protective earth’s ozone “shield”. While UVC light doesn’t make to the surface of earth naturally, fortunate for our everyday life’s its power has been harnessed, and we can instrumentalize UV-C with special light bulbs or deep UV LED’s as the most effective disinfectants without leaving toxic waste chemical detergent residues behind.

UVC light is one of the very best sterilization methods available today, so it is important to ensure your UVC devices are working properly and at the most effective germicidal wavelengths when depending on UV light disinfectant technologies for the safety of your family, friends and co-workers.

Multiple Usage Scenarios

QuantaDose™ the most versatile UV/UVC test card on the market today. Gauge when the sun’s natural UVA/UVB radiation warrants protection and test that your germicidal UVC lighting performs as advertised.

Simultaneous UV Detection

UVC quantadose-card-uva-uvb-uvc-test-card-UVA-UVB-exposure-high-both

QuantaDose™ is the only UV intensity card meter that distinguishes between the sun’s natural UVA/UVB radiation and man-made sources of germicidal UVC wavelengths simultaneously.

UVA/UVB Detection

UVA comprises of almost 95% of the light that reaches our skin, UVB makes up the rest. The FDA and World Health Organization have all declared UV radiation a known carcinogen. Natural and artificial sources.

UV-C Detection


Specially formulated ink chemistry that is sensitive to only UVC will not fluores to visible light or UVA and UVB. This ensures only germicidal wavelengths between 254-280nm are being shown in green.

Disinfect Visually

QuantaDose™ eyes-on innovation

The amount of pathogenic inactivation is directly proportional to the UVC dose and this in turn is the result of UVC intensity and duration of UVC exposure. The farther away the light source, the less UVC will reach the target, so UVC intensity is reduced to a quarter when the distance doubles. Get the strength by quantifying UV power with QuantaDose™!


uvc-light-dna-rna-damageThe high energy from short wavelength UVC light is absorbed in the cellular RNA and DNA, damaging nucleic acids and preventing microorganisms from infecting and reproducing. This absorption of UVC energy forms new bonds between nucleotides, creating double bonds or “dimers.” Dimerization of molecules, particularly thymine, is the most common type of damage incurred by UVC light in microorganisms. Formation of thymine dimers in the DNA of bacteria and viruses prevents replication and ability to infect.


QuantaDose™ UV/UVC Photochromic Test Card

Also referred to as UVC Indicator Strip, UV Germicidal Test Strips, UVC Reactive Strips, UVC Dosimeter Strips, UVC Dosimeter Cards, UVC Intensity Labels, UVC Test Strips, UV-C Test Card, UVC Indicator Card, UVC Light Test Strips, UVC Detector, UVC Test Kit, UVC Visualizer Strips, UVC Visualizer Strips and most accurately called a Photochromic UVC Measurement Test Card.

The CDC website link here recommends using direct Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) @ 0.5–1.8 J/cm2 in very clean environments to be effective against Influenza A (H1N1), Avian influenza A virus (H5N1), Influenza A (H7N9), A/Anhui/1/2013,Influenza A (H7N9),A/Shanghai/1/2013,MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV, H1N1, Influenza A/PR/8/34, MS2 bacteriophage with antimicrobial efficacy 99.9% for all above tested viruses.

However most people don’t live in medical staffed clean rooms, so an effective dosage under current CDC disinfection guidelines for Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is 1,000 – 3,000 mJ/cm2 to ensure 99.9% deactivation when dust particles can be present.

The QuantaDose will have a noticeable color change that occurs between approximately 500-800 mJ/cm2 in the lower dose response area under direct 253.7 nm UVC light. This is on the lowest end of UVC power intensities allowed under the CDC’s recommended guidelines for using UVGI.

If you are not getting a color change displaying the word ULTRAVIOLET in the lower section of the Quantadose test card while the UV-C indicator is green the UVC light is likely not reaching the desired level of germicidal intensity required under CDC guidelines.

At an intensity of approximately 3000-5000 mJ/cm2 253.7 nm UVC the QuantaDose will achieve maximum color concentration in about 15 seconds.

It is important that BOTH QuantaDose indicators have visible color distinction when confirming effective UVGI intensity from consumer grade UVC lighting.


Nature’s Germicidal UVC Light Test That Can’t be Fooled!

Some of mankind’s best inventions have come from replicating nature, and when it comes to UVC light testing the QuantaDose™ dual wavelength UV test card was rooted in nature long before we shrunk it so it could fit in your wallet.

It’s a synthetic version of Willemite fluorescence that is used in silk-screen oils to provide a very high accuracy of UVC germicidal wavelength detection within a narrow band spectrum when using a QuantaDose™ UVC indicator and UVC light test card.



Willemite is a zinc silicate mineral (Zn2SiO4) and a minor ore of zinc. It is highly fluorescent (green) under shortwave ultraviolet light. It occurs in all different colors in daylight. When wavelength of 250-280nm is absorbed, its emission of green-light is very consistent because of the minerals very unique composition. Have a look at our Willemite UVC mineral test on UVC Bulb Wand Vs UVC LED Light Wand comparison images below.

WILLEMITE TEST WINNER! The portable cold cathode UV lamp wins by far even without the reflector housing that concentrates all the UVC light in one direction! It is very important to note the comparison of very effective shortwave UVC bulb technology as compared to the most popular selling UV LED germicidal products available on Amazon below. See for yourself! A rock can’t lie!

Most of the UV sterilization light wands sold provide very little shortwave UVC germicidal radiation, and in many cases no shortwave germicidal UVC at all.

The best way to instantly tell what is real shortwave germicidal UVC light or fake UVC light is to either buy a nice size chunk of Willemite from Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg, N.J., or get a QuantaDose™ UVC light test card!


1st Willemite Test a UVC Light (Bulb not LED) which passes Willemite shortwave UVC test with flying green colors!


Willemite Test 2 UVC LED Light Wand Fails Willemite Shortwave UV Light Test


The Biggest Scam UVC LED Germicidal FAKE UVC Light Wand! Total Fail!


What is a UVC testing card?

The dual feature of a UV and UV-C test card is based on the principle of molecular change when excited with high energy wavelengths of light. When the energy of a photochromic molecule absorbs energy from sunlight and ultraviolet light, the structure of the molecule changes and photons are reflected at a shorter wavelength, resulting change in the reflected light’s wavelength ultimately changes the color of the substance. When the energy from sunlight or ultraviolet UVC light is released, the molecule returns to its original structure and the color returns to its original color. This temporary change in reflected light is what makes QuantaDose™ photochromic UVC measurement cards so consumer friendly allowing them to be used over and over again.

Using UVC light technology will not leave residue after treatment, and having a broad spectrum of action and rapid exposure times. The germicidal effects of UVC irradiation results in cellular damage by photohydration, photosplitting, photodimerization, and photocrosslinking, thereby inhibiting cellular replication. Today’s easy to use compact UVC technology allows us to fight the virus outside our bodies! In a world dominated by third party sellers on Amazon, ebay and Walmart platforms with absolutely no accountability to consumers that purchase these fake germicidal lighting products. That said, questions about UVC disinfection do arise. How to tell if UV sterilizer is working? How to test UV light effectiveness? How to tell if UV sterilizer is real?

The answer to how to check if a UV sanitizer is real or fake is easy with a QuantaDose™ UV test card!

Show Your Friends & Family How To Test A UVC Germicidal Light With QuantaDose™ UV Test Cards!

UV/UVC Test Card


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Printing UV-C Germicidal Light Test Cards

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The QuantaDose™ photochromic UVC/UV light meter is built into a durable plastic card that fits into any credit card slot and offers a complete UV-C visualizer kit‎ for testing if an optimum germicidal wavelength is being used with a cross reference on UV/UVC intensity levels.

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