Each 500-Watt Excimer Bulb is hand-assembled and manufactured in an official ISO9001 Excimer Far-UV Light Factory (quality management systems) delivered by the Agency for International Standardization.  To provide the highest-quality Far-UV light products globally, a battery of testing that includes but is not limited to: Microbiological Effectiveness Test, IEC62471 (photobiological safety inspection), BACL ( 222m, wavelength test), and CE, FCC, RoHS Certifications.   When you need a 500W Far-UV light bulb, make sure your Far UVC choice is always QuantaDose for the best Far-UVC lighting to meets your AP-UVGI needs. Our experts are standing by to assist you!

QuantaLamp 500-Watt Far UVC Excimer Bulb 222nm Far-UVC F-Series Far UVC 500w Far-UV Light


The minimum quantity factory direct price is $1336 each

Sample Fee for under 5 units adds $100.00 to the order total!

Shipping cost is determined by location and method of delivery service requested.

>10 units = $1336 for each unit

>50 units = $1215 for each unit

+100 units = $990 for each unit

Contact us for quoting 1000 units or more

Lamp Technology: Far-UVC Excimer
UV Wavelength: Far-UVC 222nm
Dimensions: 55*1000mm
Total Watts: 500-Watt
Expected Lifespan:4000 Hours
Voltage: AC110V/220V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Beam Angle: 360 °
Ambient Operating Temp Range:-10°C to 50°C
Materials: KRCL Gas Mixture, Polymer End Caps,
Quartz Glass