A straightforward way to test your UVC products with a clear indication. If the green “UVC” letters show up on the card, the lamp or bulb is emitting the correct wavelength to be effective.  If the letters UV are present in the inner test circle after exposure to 254nm UVC light, this confirms greater than 300 microwatts UVC intensity.

Quanta X Technology, located in the USA, has created specially formulated fluorescent photochromic wavelength indicators for PHz electromagnetic waves in the ultraviolet light spectrum that capture UV light in a photochromic quantum confinement effect and molecular fluorescence effect simultaneously, creating the QuantaDose frequency-sensitive UV shortwave/longwave sensor card indicator for easy UVA/UVB/UVC wavelength conformation and intensity test.

6-in-1 REUSABLE CARD – The QuantaDose Multi-Wavelength Bi-Luminescent UVA/UVB/UVC/Far-UV Test Card has functionality on both sides. On the one side, you have five tests: 1st a UVC indicator Test, 2nd a Wideband UV Intensity Test, 3rd a Shortwave Test, and 4th a Longwave UV Test, which is designed to indicate whether a UV bulb or UV light is indeed irradiating the type of UV light as claimed, most important is the 5th test that confirms >300 microwatts at 254nm UVC when the letters UV remain visible in the inner circle after the card is removed from a UVC light source. On the other side, in the 6th test, you can test any UVC or Far UVC bulb’s beam angle with a large surface area of the test card covered in a luminescent shortwave analyte sensitive to germicidal wavelengths.

SIMPLE TO USE – These cards have been designed to be simple to use and easy to understand. There are no confusing instructions, and the card indicates the test results instantly, maximum exposure time of 15 seconds.

HOW TO READ RESULTS: The UV & UVC test has to be observed directly under the light you are testing. The letters UVC will disappear immediately when not irradiated by the light. The UV Intensity test can be used in a closed box or directly under the light.  The center test circle uses the world’s only three-pigment UV analyte, which glows green under UVC 220-275nm light and red/pink when under UVA/UVB 300-395nm light and displays visible purple color as soon as UV light exposure ends to provide reusable dosimeter color concentration readings after only 15 seconds of UV exposure. To calculate UV Dose with UV Intensity (>300 μW/cm² – is the reading the card gives you when letters UV remain visible after 15 seconds of exposure) x Exposure Time (seconds).

DIFFERENT USES/ TESTS – So you have bought a UVC sanitizing wand, but is it emitting the correct wavelength to kill a virus? Does the UV protection film installed on your car windows block all UV as claimed? And those UV-blocking glasses, are they protecting your eyes? Find out!

DEVELOPED WITH THE CUSTOMER IN MIND – We wanted to create a self-powered simple-to-use test card that was a multi-tool for UV light detection. Over two years of R&D went into this card so that it would do what no other test card ever designed could do. Reusability when detecting UV spectrum between Longwave UV, Shortwave UV, Germicidal UVC, UVC Intensity conformation, and UV intensity scale all in one easy-to-use test card.

SCHOOL/TEACHING – Experiments on Ultraviolet Light and Fluorescence are easily performed in the classroom to explore different wavelengths of the UV light spectrum

Other uses: Does the UV protection film installed on your car windows block all UV as claimed? And those UV-blocking glasses, are they protecting your eyes? Find out with a Quantadose card!

Test the intensity remaining of your reptile lamp

Reptiles and amphibians need both UVB and UVA light to live healthy lifestyles in captivity. These are both types of ultraviolet (and UV) light. Each type of light has a different role to play in keeping your pet reptiles and amphibians happy and healthy when UV is needed. So is your pet getting enough UVA and UVB light? Test the lamp with the QuantaDose card.

Does your UVC sanitizer device really work?

So you bought a UVC device that claims to work on the correct wavelength to kill viruses. But is it really producing UVC light? Test it with a QuantaDose UVC test card.

Is your curing nail UV lamp still effective?

So your gel is not curing like it did when you first purchased your UV nail curing lamp. Why is this? It could be that your UV light is not strong enough anymore. The UV lights start the reaction, which polymerizes the resin. The process of polymerization is what causes the gel to harden.



Usage Instructions:

quantadose-v3-uva-uvb-uvc-far-uvc-test-card-with-beam-finderQuantaDose® Multi-Wavelength Bi-Luminescent UV/UVC Light Test Card