EXTRA $9.99 BONUS!! Includes 1 Free 2nd Edition UVC Test Card

6 Test Cards Total!

QuantaDose UVC test cards are reusable but not invincible, over time photochromic analytes will degrade.  See message explaining this on QuantaDose homepage

This package is for the avid UVC tester, it includes 5 QuantaDose cards and a 3 Watt UVC wand for test card calibration.   Holding the 3 watt light 1 inch away will advise you if your card is still suitable for UVGI intensity testing.

QuantaDose UVC test cards are rapid results test cards, meaning you can visualize within 15 seconds a dosage starting at 300 µW/cm² indicating that a 100 mJ/cm² accumulative dosage is reached in approximately five minutes.

Final UV lamp placement is decided quickly with QuantaDose,  however, it does not replace a medical-grade 50/100 mJ/cm² American Ultraviolet UVC Dosimeters by Intellego Technologies for accumulated UVGI dosage to target areas for final conformation of lighting arrangements.  Other common uses include checking bulbs in DIY PPE UV cleaning devices, test UV lights purchased online, or just about anything UV.

The top of the card can easily find areas hiding in UVC shadows, as the UVGI wavelength indicator glows brightly when in direct line of sight from a UVC light source or strong reflection.   While the intensity gauge exhibits a noticeable change displaying the word “ultraviolet” starting at 300 µW/cm² in less than 15 seconds and remains visible for about the same amount of time after exposure to a UV source.

To get the maximum life out of your QuantaDose test cards we provide a resealable Mylar black bag for storage and recommend only exposing the Quantadose card in intervals of no longer than 15 seconds – if you haven’t achieved color change in 15 seconds you are most likely under 300-500 µW/cm² UVGI intensity.


Here is a video of four QuantaDose UV Test Cards inside of the new PhoneSoap Pro!