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Choosing the best UVC lighting option can be a daunting task with a lot of variables that must be considered for UV to be effective. The QuantaDose UVC test card can alleviate many concerns in seconds in a two part test.

Step one is to make sure the wavelength is known to be in the germicidal range. The letters UV-C will glow when irradiated with wavelengths between 220 nm and 280 nm.

Step two is a simple wide-band photochromic test area that relies on calibrated word power visibility (WPV) starting > 300 µW/cm² mercury-line when the word ”ULTRAVIOLET” first becomes legible exposed to optimal UV-C germicidal wavelengths.

Reusable UVC Test: QuantaDose Details Band Pass Filters

A QuantaOptic™ Far-UVC band–pass filter or bandpass filter (BPF) is a device that passes EMR wavelengths within a certain spectral range and rejects (attenuates) wavelengths outside that range.

Optical UV filters are designed to transmit the desired UVC frequency while blocking the harmful longer wavelengths for compliance with AP-UVGI (Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) safety protocols.

QuantaOptic Far-UV 207nm and 222nm band-pass filters are capable of 60% transmission at 222nm FUV and blocks longer harmful wavelengths >230nm up to 280nm. Band-pass filtering can be supplied in custom sizes.

AP-UVGI Band Pass FiltersKrCl Excimer Lamp 222nm

An excimer lamp (or excilamp) is a source of ultraviolet light produced by exciting noble gas mixtures of KrCl for spontaneous emission of excimer (exciplex) molecules with a wavelength(nm) peak of 222 nm and photon energy (eV) of 5.58 eV.

The absence of mercury, high average specific power of Far UV irradiation, higher energy of emitted photons, high power spectral density of UV radiation and instant achievement of the operating mode makes this style Excimer Far-UV lamp the most powerful in its class for AP-UVGI applications. Far-UVC 222nm excimer lamps available for immediate dispatch are rated between 5w and 1000-watts of UVC power.

View 222nm Excimer Far-UVC LampS and Bulbs Far-UV LED 219 Nanometer Wavelength

The wonders of solid-state LED technology have finally ventured into the realm of narrowband shortwave Far-UVC sub-visible light as a by-product of making screen display technology hyper-realistic using Nano-LEDs for next-generation displays with ultra-high-resolution never seen before.

Lowest Power Consumption – Efficient FAR-UV conversion ratios

Narrow Band – No need to filter longwave UVC peaks

Coolest Operating Temperature – Lowest temperature Far UV device

Portable Function – The smallest Far-UV form factor of any source

First Nanotech Far-UV LED – Solid-state emissive semiconductor

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AP-UVGI (Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation)

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