QuantaDose Wireless UVC Sensors are new networkable devices that will transform the UVC sensor market as Far-UV takes over in the hospital market.   Simply because the UV dose card technology that works for UVC today will not work for Far UV at all, QuantaDose is all alone in this market of integrating UVC detection into a new digital IoT way.   Ending the test cards era that cut down trees and piled up in landfills as chemical-soaked paper bagged as bio-waste.

The big picture, QuantaDose RF networked devices simultaneously monitor the UVC disinfection process in thousands of places in hundreds of rooms from one computer or phone app! A perfect system of UVC confirmation for mass-transit and healthcare providers utilizing UVC light.

This is all available now, combining this switch with the QuantaDose Wireless UVC sensors and software for the health care industry.   This will end paper UVC verification in all hospitals, bringing them into the technological age for confirming the disinfection processes when using UVC light.

The IoT is going this way using RFID with many kinds of sensors such as this one for the sun’s rays, which is apps enabled.

QuantaDose is taking wireless UVC sensor technology to an entirely new level, prepared for the revolution of Far-UV disinfection processes becoming a mainstream defense.

QuantaDose Wireless UVC Sensors will speak the same language (EPCglobal Gen2), and many wireless network providers are making active tags that use Wi-Fi instead of transmitting on dedicated RFID frequencies. The advantage is that RFID data storage can use the same wireless network already in place for communications. The adoption of QuantaDose Wireless UVC Sensor RFID transmitters over Wi-Fi will realize the value of keeping existing infrastructure in place with a wide-open research and development opportunity to adopt new QuantaDose UVC sensors and UVC monitoring systems.

Bio-Agent warning sensors can also be deployed using QuantaDose Wireless Bio-Sensor RFID transmitters over Wi-Fi to make it easy to know where to focus Far-UVC power should something be detected.

Monitoring bio-threats (QuantaGuard) and monitoring the UVC disinfection process (QuantaDose) can all be done through a single app over a single network using low power QuantaDose and QuantaGuard sensors over a Wi-Fi network to create a wireless (QuantaCluster) for cutting edge environmental sensor data harvesting and analytics.