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RF-EMF Radiation Risks and Therapeutic Potential

The rapid proliferation of wireless technologies has led to ubiquitous exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields [...]

We Need Two Campaign Promises From Donald J Trump! Give RFK Jr.’s Cause A Hand

We Need Two Campaign Promises! Americans Call On Trump To Restart Critical NTP Health Research [...]

Long Live Trump Sale! United For Each Other! For Our Health and the Health of Our Country

In unwavering support of President Donald J. Trump, RF Safe proudly announces the “Long Live Trump [...]

Brandon Biggs Predicted Trump Assassination Attempt 3 Months Ago!

Astonishing Prediction of a Modern-Day Prophet or Did Biden’s Rhetoric Make It A Dead Giveaway? [...]

Phone Radiation Links

AI Alignment in the Age of Deceptive Science: The Cell Phone Saga as a Blueprint – [...]

Know Your Phone – Phone Specs For Popular Smartphones

Apple Iphone 5 Phone Specs Iphone 6 Phone Specs Iphone 6 plus Phone Specs Iphone [...]

Will Absorbing a Little Radiation from Your Phone Cause Cancer? Maybe!

The Silent Call of Danger It’s a typical afternoon. Your phone rings, its familiar buzz [...]

Is Cell Phone Radiation A Red Herring

Editor’s Note: Mobile Phone Radiation and Health The concept of measuring safe levels of cell [...]

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