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Millions of people fell victim to false UVC germicidal claims made by online sellers and LED UVC corn lights were the worst of the fake UVC offenders.

This compact UVC corn light design held a lot of promise comprised of LEDs. The QuantaDose is a vital tool in helping consumers spot when LEDs are not in the germicidal range.

Quanta X Technology takes it a step further with a 60-watt u10 UVC Corn Light QuantaBulb to make real UVC light power as compact as possible.

The revolutionary combination of 4 high-tech proximity sensors and three low-pressure mercury vapor tubes integrated into one intelligent corn bulb designed for a standard light socket sets the QuantaBlub apart from every UVC Corn Light on the market.

Accessories include the QuantaSocket 3m extension cable, add a QuantaStand Tripod and QuantaMounts to make a QuantaBulb U10 UVC Corn Light applicable for any standard UVGI routine!