40mm ‘cube’ stack subassembly –  When you need a 20-Watt Excimer Micro-Plasma Flat Lamp 222nm, Far-UVC lamp module, make sure your Far UVC choice is always QuantaDose for the best Far-UVC lighting to meets your AP-UVGI needs. Our experts are standing by to assist you in sourcing the best bulbs for your application!

Scientific Research Sample Price $433 each (not for retail resale)


2.5″ x 2.5″ Excimer Tiles

The tile and driver set runs most efficiently between 20 and 36 watts.  Output ranges between 3000uW/cm2 up to 4800uW/cm2 measured at 4cm.  The output would depend on the chosen input wattage.

Weight:  2 ounces (57 grams)

Connection Type: 2 Screw down terminals

Operating Voltage:  5kV

Illumination Pattern: Flood-directional

Operating Temperature: 190F (88C)

Expected Lifespan: 20,000+ hours