Aerospace Bio-Defense Tech

Quanta Munitions For Bio-Agent Defense

Founded in 2020, Quanta X Technology LLC has acquired a vast pool of expertise pioneering a world-leadership position in non-pharmaceutical pandemic countermeasures that include 222 nm germicidal communications research (UVGi-Fi) based on combining ‘second harmonic generation (SHG) or frequency doubling’ of 445nm with current Li-Fi Technology, new innovative rapid Far-UV, and UVC intensity testing methods, and the world’s first scalable solution for Nucleophilic Attack Strategies through Hydroxylated Humidification to regain our territorial advantage for occupied areas in a battle we are out-numbered trillions to one!

QuantaDose Mission Brief

To create the best pandemic and post-pandemic era quality of life solutions by engaging in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of photon and proton management technologies that are designed to mitigate the impact of epidemics for future pandemic prevention.

QuantaDose is dependent on a battle-tested strategy to neutralize damage through areas of threat suppression. QuantaDose maintains a critical role in counter-battery engagement of aerosolized bio-agents and territorial suppression to restrict the r-naught of bio-agents to below one for containment and neutralization strategies to claim victory without the false assumption of eradication. Military Facilities & Transportation Public Transportation Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Safeguard Nursing Home Facilities Home and Office FacilitiesQuantaDose®

Consumers need to understand the different types of UVC Test Cards on the market and that fake UVC test cards are as big of a problem as fake UVC lights!

UVC Installer Kit

5 Card UVC Test Card Package includes a free 3 watt UVC calibration light to detect photo-degradation and reusable black Mylar bag for the safest possible storage. Bio-Agent Engagement StrategiesMISSION: Neutralize The Bio-Agent Threat!

Quanta X Technology is driven by the need to prevent aerosolized bio-agent exposure by engaging the bio-agent in territorial suppression techniques using the latest advancements in human-safe quantum-based bio-exposure suppression technologies.

Quanta munitions for bio-agent defense use a multi-faceted technological approach of Far-UV/UVC directed-energy and nucleophilic attack engagement strategies to neutralize threats in occupied spaces.


Nucleophilic Attack Strategies using Hydroxylated Humidification

Designing the world’s first non-UV Hydroxyl Generator for inhabited areas.

Most technologically sophisticated air and surface treatment humidifier in world

Wide-band UV Quantum Confinement Effect and Narrow-Band UVC Molecular Fluorescence

Quantadose™ 300 µW/cm² UVC Light Intensity Test Card with UVC Light Wavelength Indicator

Accurate visual determination of UVC wavelengths is made instantly possible between 200-275 nm