Non-Pharmaceutical Pandemic Countermeasures


Non-Pharmaceutical Pandemic Countermeasures

QuantaDose supports the assumption that repeating cycles of history contain many lessons. By just looking back at the choices made by the world’s greatest minds devoted to the art of war. QuantaDose can not find a single example of a winning strategy that allows an invader to take over your land before fighting, to-the-point, this bio-agent invader is allowed to get deep into your body before you even begin to fight!

Most can agree that after giving up your territorial advantage, outnumbered trillions to one – mass casualties can be expected. Technological advancements allow us to fight back with quanta-scale bullets that are harmless to humans!

QuantaDose believes in using a multi-faceted technological approach of Far-UV/UVC directed-energy and nucleophilic attack engagement strategies to neutralize threats in occupied spaces. The first thing that must be done is to regain territorial advantages that have been lost to these bio-agent nano-scale invaders responsible for claiming nearly 200,000 American souls in only months.

We the people need an army of nucleophiles that can target and attack a virus standing guard in public places between them and lethal bio-agents. We the people must also add human-safe germicidal Far-UV into the arsenal, not just light bulbs. QuantaDose only sees victory over current, and future pandemics using quanta based end-game defense measures; the most critical non-pharmaceutical pandemic countermeasure is the global deployment of new wireless FAR-UV light-based communication standards. 7 G

Quanta X Technology is driven by the need to prevent aerosolized bio-agent exposure by engaging the bio-agent in territorial suppression techniques using the latest advancements in human-safe quantum-based bio-exposure suppression technologies.

QuantaDose is dependent on a battle-tested strategy to neutralize damage through areas of threat suppression. QuantaDose maintains critical roles in counter-battery engagement of aerosolized bio-agents and territorial suppression to restrict the r-naught of bio-agents to below one for containment and neutralization strategies to claim victory without the false assumption of eradication.

Suppression of aerosolized bio-agent exposure, Quanta counter-battery engagement strategies neutralize the ability to inflict harm inside safe territorial zones. Neutralizing is ending the threat, to eradicate forever is a false assumption, it can only be contained through neutralization like acid spilled on a floor. Not all genies go back into their bottles! Never let your quanta guard down!