• The world’s only bi-luminescent (Two Color) wavelength indicator that distinguishes between longwave UVA and shortwave UVC light
  • Longwave analyte is sensitive to 300-395nm UVA/UVB which before exposure is clear, while under a Longwave UV source will glow in the range of red to red-pink in color.
  • The shortwave analyte is sensitive to 220-275nm UVC which before exposure is clear, while under a Shortwave UVC source will glow in the range of Green to Yellow-lime in color.
  • Photochromic dosimeter strip uses an analyte sensitive to wide-band UV between 200-400nm UVA/UVB/UVC
  • UV dosimeter color strip concentration is directly proportional to UV intensity (higher intensity equals darker color)
  • UV dosimeter color concentrations are also directly proportional to UVA UVB and UVC wavelength (shorter wavelengths equals lighter color) at max value.


The QuantaDose Multi-Wavelength Bi-Luminescent analyte technology is the world’s most advanced self-powered reusable photochromic UV/UVC Light Test Card with five unique UV light responses.  From the form factor of a credit card, Multi-Wavelength Bi-Luminescence technology uses two multi-fluorescence colors that absorb and emit photons of a different color when exposed to either long or short UV wavelengths of light.  Not only does the card distinguish between longwave UVA/UVB and shortwave UVC with easy-to-see color change, the card includes two wide-band UV intensity strip areas sensitive to between 200-400nm that incorporate QuantaDose rapid reusable WPV (Worp Power Visibility) photochromic dosimeter UV power intensity indicator test.  The rear of the QuantaDose Multi-Wavelength Bi-Luminescent UV/UVC Light Test Card is designed for UVC light beam finding so you can detect UVC and Far UV in occupied spaces.




Image One Result: No UV Light Detected



Image Two Result: UVC Light Detected With Intensity Greater Than 300 Microwatts Of Power At 254 nm



Image Three Result: UVC Light Detected With Intensity Less Than 300 Microwatts Of Power At 254 nm




Image Four Result: No UVC Light Detected Only UVA/UVB Between 300-395 nm




Image Five Result: Natural Sunlight UVA/UVB



Image Six Result: 200-275nm Light Beam Not Detected


Image Seven Result: 200-275nm Light Beam Detected