Fun with Willemite! Shortwave UVC Mineral Test For UV Sterilizers


People often ask which is the best shortwave UV light for minerals. Let’s reverse this question. What is the best mineral to test a UVC lights wavelength? That’s easy! Let’s check it out!

Willemite is a zinc silicate mineral (Zn2SiO4) and a minor ore of zinc. It is highly fluorescent (green) under shortwave ultraviolet light. It occurs in all different colors in daylight. When wavelength of 250-280nm is absorbed, its emission of green-light is very consistent because of the minerals very unique composition. Have a look at our Willemite UVC mineral test on UVC Bulb Wand Vs UVC LED Light Wand comparison images below.

WILLEMITE TEST WINNER! The portable cold cathode UV lamp wins by far even without the reflector housing that concentrates all the UVC light in one direction! It is very important to note the comparison of very effective shortwave UVC bulb technology as compared to the most popular selling UV LED germicidal products available on Amazon below. See for yourself! A rock can’t lie!

Most of the UV sanitization light wands sold provide very little shortwave UVC germicidal radiation, and in many cases no shortwave germicidal UVC at all.

The best way to instantly tell what is real shortwave germicidal UVC light or fake UVC light is to either buy a nice size chunk of Willemite from Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg, N.J., or get a QuantaDose® UVC light test card!


1st Willemite Test a UVC Light (Bulb not LED) which passes Willemite shortwave UVC test with flying green colors!


Willemite Test 2 UVC LED Light Wand Fails Willemite Shortwave UV Light Test


The Biggest Scam UVC LED Germicidal FAKE UVC Light Wand! Total Fail!