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High Energy Ozone LLC Far-UV Sterilray vs Healthe Inc, Far UV Technologies Inc, Eden Park Illumination Inc, Larson Electronics LLC – Patent Right or Inalienable Right to Electromagnetic Spectrum

Your Content Goes Here Far-UV Sterilray Demands This Page Is Removed – See LinkedIn Chat – Click Here STERILRAY vs EDEN PARK ILLUMINATION, INC STERILRAY vs FAR UV TECHNOLOGIES HEALTHE, INC vs FAR-UV STERILRAY STERILRAY vs . LARSON ELECTRONICS LLC This is just sickening. No pun intended! 3.5 million people are dead, and Far-UV Sterilray […]

Far UVC Light Manufacturers Unite On 4-23 Trump’s Infamous “Very Powerful Light” Remark With Annual Global Sales Event

Quanta X Technology, the Florida-based pandemic start-up that upgraded the UVGI acronym to include Active Personnel AP-UVGI, kept terminology up-to-date with the lightning speed pace of Far-UVC innovation the pandemic has spawned has organized a multi-national sale-day event immortalizing the anniversary date of Trump’s Infamous “Very Powerful Light” statement with an annual 4-23 sales event […]

Add 2.22eV to current 372nm sub-visible light Li-Fi technology at 3.33eV equals 5.55eV for 223.3nm Far-UVC communications or UVGi-Fi for short!

Simply increase the photon energy by 2.22eV on today’s current 372nm 3.33eV sub-visible light Li-Fi technology equals 5.55eV for 223.3nm Far-UVC communications or UVGi-Fi Electron-volt (eV) Wavelength (nm) RF >> Megahertz (MHz)  Gigahertz (GHz)  Light >> Terahertz (THz )  Petahertz (PHz) Known 23nm AP-UVGI Window: Wavelengths 207nm – 230nm || Electron-volts 5.99 eV – 5.39 […]

Trump and Coronavirus: The Media Gets Unspun By International Observance Of VERY POWERFUL LIGHT Day 4-23


Your Content Goes Here What Happens on Linkedin doesn’t always stay on LinkedIn. Let’s be clear at Quanta X Technology; we only see life and light; what makes us different makes us beautiful! Quanta X Technology organized the first globally recognized Far-UVC “Very Powerful Light” sale on 4-23-2021, thus internationally commemorating the date corporately owned […]

UVS Ultra Violet Pty Ltd Thinks Women Can Understand the Principles of FAR-UVC light When It Is Only The Laws of Physics Apply – Alpha This!

Owner, UVS Ultra Violet Pty Ltd Hi Katie, The Inverse Square Law relates to a Point Source of Light, which obviously a UVC Lamp is not, but this is only one item that needs to be taken into calculations. As you move away from the Right Angle from any UVC Lamp the Irradiance Values start […]