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Non-Pharmaceutical Pandemic Countermeasures


Non-Pharmaceutical Pandemic Countermeasures QuantaDose supports the assumption that repeating cycles of history contain many lessons. By just looking back at the choices made by the world’s greatest minds devoted to the art of war. QuantaDose can not find a single example of a winning strategy that allows an invader to take over your land before […]

QuantaDose Mounts Nucleophilic Attack Against Coronavirus To Push Back The Invisible Enemy

Chemical-Free-Antimicrobial-Air-Humidification-sanitization-humidifier (1)

  Quanta Humidifier™ New Technology Turns Ultrasonic Humidifiers Into Nucleophile Generators with Hydroxyl Air Humidification for Air and Surface Sterilization Quanta X Technology LLC , parent company of QuantaDose® in partnership with PMA Aerospace’s Dunhome division has just launched the Quanta Humidifier™ in the USA. A landmark innovation that will change the air humidifier industry […]

What is the difference between UVC Dosimeter Test Cards vs UVC Intensity Test Cards vs UVC Indicator Test Cards

There are three main types of UVC test cards on the market today. With the three of them come three very important and very distinctive aspects between these UVC measurement cards: 1) UVC dosage test card 2) UVC intensity test card 3) UVC wavelength indicator test card Each of these three aspects of UVC are […]

QuantaDose UVC Dosage Cards – Photo Degradation Effects Photochromic Materials

Important things you must understand about QuantaDose® test cards before you buy one! If you are not getting a color change displaying the word ULTRAVIOLET in the lower section of the Quantadose test card while the UV-C indicator is green, the UVC light is likely not reaching the desired level of germicidal intensity required under […]

American Ultraviolet Exclusive Agreement With Intellego Technologies For UVC Dosimeters Cause Pandemic Price Problems

Address Döbelnsgatan 12, 113 58 Stockholm International +46 (0)735 34 46 34 U.S. & Canada (404) 955-4345 General Queries U.S. and Canada Message Sent 8/16/2020 There has to be something that can be done about wholesale pricing in the USA! Your deal with American Ultraviolet was normal enough before the pandemic. However, you […]

How to improve UVC photochromic material for reversible UVGI dosage test cards

Protection from UV (but only those wavelengths that the photochromic material does not require for photoactivation) as well as exclusion of oxygen and moisture all help. Commercial photochromic dyes are also sensitive to acidity, so photochromism at extremes of pH will be short-lived. As far as photochromic substances in polymeric matrices are concerned, typically one […]

Fun with Willemite! Shortwave UVC Mineral Test For UV Sterilizers


People often ask which is the best shortwave UV light for minerals. Let’s reverse this question. What is the best mineral to test a UVC lights wavelength? That’s easy! Let’s check it out! Willemite is a zinc silicate mineral (Zn2SiO4) and a minor ore of zinc. It is highly fluorescent (green) under shortwave ultraviolet light. […]

Fake UVC test strips are flooding the market to validate fake UVC wand and sanitizer germicidal light devices


Fake UVC test strips are flooding the market to validate fake UVC wand and sanitizer germicidal light devices. I just want to let everyone know that many companies are selling fake UVC test strips with claims they perform like the QuantaDose® Card that simply don’t work as advertised. These false claims endanger anyone trusting their […]