Fake UVC test strips are flooding the market to validate fake UVC wand and sanitizer germicidal light devices


Fake UVC test strips are flooding the market to validate fake UVC wand and sanitizer germicidal light devices.

I just want to let everyone know that many companies are selling fake UVC test strips with claims they perform like the QuantaDose® Card that simply don’t work as advertised. These false claims endanger anyone trusting their life to the UVC disinfection process using these knock-off test cards from China wholesale sites. and they are now showing up on mainstream USA sites such as Amazon.com and eBay.

QuantaDose® all started from an idea I had when the father of my child looked like he was on death’s door. UVGI played a huge role among many other steps taken for the rest of our family to stay well – including a family member who has had kidney surgery put off for several months over this virus. I’ve spent several hundred dollars on labels that went in the trash just to figure out where to place the lights for the best disinfection grid.

Throwing so much money in the trash was very frustrating at first knowing that with John sick, his business was virtually shut down, we were living on credit cards and not enough savings for a prolonged health emergency, however from the other side of a closed door, with packing tape sealing the cracks, he would encourage me to get it right.

The A/C vents in his room were taped off, and the outside windows were left open around the clock to circulate fresh air so I could hand off meals with PPE. I was terrified at one point when his lips were blue, and it seemed very hard for him to stay awake. I prayed, and I’d knock on the door regularly to make sure he’d answer – thanking God he did each time.

Who knows if it was the right choice, but he refused to enter a hospital, fearing a ventilator would do more damage than good and wanted to die being able to hear his daughter’s voice if it was going that far. He’s almost 50 and was in great shape but with several of what they consider these days as comorbidity. Like before the pandemic, it was just called controlling your blood-pressure; now its a comorbidity.

Well, my beloved partner is a seasoned engineer and career inventor of breakthrough nano-scale technologies in the health and wellness sector. When he started getting better, I asked him if he could make a card that was reusable to check the UVC dosage.

Like the one, I always used to help in deciding which UV sunscreen to put on our 2-year-old daughter before going to the park to play — remember back in the good ole days before the virus was allowed to take over. I wanted something like that but for checking our UVC lighting.

Still isolated from me, it didn’t take long, maybe a minute for him to say he was sure he could figure something out.

Several weeks later, he felt much better, but with so much uncertainty about how long the virus could remain contagious, and my mother awaiting surgery still, he spent most of his time in the garage/workshop and slept in the room he spent the previous month in isolation. He went about testing oils and inks from around the world. The most promising were oils used in world currency counterfeit marks, which aren’t that easy to get. After a few weeks of tweaking the mixture and many batches later, he stumbled across a real breakthrough in wide-band UVC reversible oils.

QuantaDose® has plans to significantly improve this product over time. One breakthrough in a recent peer-reviewed research paper raises the possibility of what we call reversible on demand. Multiple colors and different words are displayed for various wavelengths or intensities, and much more. With your support, end consumers, and commercial businesses, this innovative first edition QuantaDose® and second edition UVGI test card now available. We can expect the 3rd and 4th edition QuantaDose® test card to be even better, with more features than ever thought possible from a photochromic card.

Also, remember, when you buy a QuantaDose test card, you are also supporting the rapid development of more completely new innovative pandemic countermeasures!

So, the point of designing the QuantaDose® card was not to replace using 50/100 mJ/cm² medical-grade cards. It is designed to complement them and cut down on the number of expensive medical grade cards that can get wasted configuring UVC lamp placement or testing consumer lighting sold as germicidal.

The UVC intensity dose is seen in seconds, allowing you to grid the area of disinfection for correct UVC light placement much easier, much faster, and with fewer high dollar UVC test cards going in the trash.

The time it can save if you are a UVC light technician or find yourself in my position with a young child and someone sick to disinfect after. All I can say is I wish someone would have made them sooner, however, I’m glad my boo pulled through making a new tool in our fight against the virus, that can save time and money we all pray leads to save those at most risk with an easier, more effective UVC disinfection process.

Keep in mind, before QuantaDose® existed you had to go through a full cycle disinfection process just to see if you wasted a bunch of four dollar medical-grade UVC test cards, if you don’t get the dose right, that money goes in the trash and you start all over with the size of that section of your cleaning grid and adjusting UVC lamp placement.

The test card he designed for me saves time and money to help aid the UVGI set up process, they are NOT a replacement for medical-grade cards or microbial testing – that is clearly stated on the back on the QuantaDose® UVC test card.

The QuantaDose® aids in a faster light placement, rapid testing for bulb UV degradation, and if correct bulbs or LEDs are being used BEFORE using medical-grade cards. This way you don’t waste them with bad UVC light placement to the target areas or just bad UVC lighting when you can know in seconds that:

1 ) TOP INDICATOR test if it is an optimal germicidal wavelength (UVGI)

2) BOTTOM INDICATOR test for 300 µW/cm² minimum intensity reading with word visibility indicator to test if UVC intensity is strong enough for designing a grid disinfection layout area prior to confirming an accumulated lethal dose of 50/100 mJ/cm² using costly single-use medical-grade cards.

The QuantaDose UVC test card pays for itself helping you to avoid just one wrongly sized UVC disinfection grid. Blindly guessing the intensity of a UVC dosage is a costly mistake when all your have to rely on are UVC test cards that cost between $5.00 or $3.50 each if you buy 50 of them at a time.

Don’t forget, these are one-time use, you will be using a few of these each cycle to test your grid. The reusable aspect of very wide-band reactivity used by QuantaDose® saves time and money.

Technically all photochromism is defined as reversible, and the Photochromic test area of QuantaDose® has inverted word text that is made like this to make it possible to distinguish the photochemical reaction that yields a visible color change for calibrated word visibility.

Lower UVC intensity levels and shorter wavelengths under UVC light mean less color concentration thus we depend on the word ULTRAVIOLET becoming visible starting at 300 µW/cm².

This calibration is only applicable when exposed to UVC light between 250-270 nm. UV-C will be visible in the top indicator to confirm the correct UVGI wavelength is being measured in the intensity test area.

The UVC indicator is measuring UVA or UVB when the UVC indicator is not glowing. Under this result of no glowing UV-C indicator, UVGI wavelengths have been excluded from the UV light source and should not be considered germicidal.

Even if not germicidal, these longer wavelengths are even more dangerous to human eyes and skin because they penetrate our bodies much deeper, yet these longer wavelengths are 1000x less capable of inactivating a virus than UVC!


amazon-com-Device-Phone-Cleaner-Handheld-Light-dp-B088TSB1BF-5-Sets-UVC-Test-Card-Test-UVC-Device-Such-as-Phone-Cleaner-Phone-Box-Handheld-Light-Wand-and-Other-Device-with-UVC-UVB-LightWe found a seller on amazon that has fooled and endangered so many people with the help of Amazon filtering out bad reviews. Feel free to complain about this item, Amazon will not remove it! At times this seller has copied and pasted details about QuantaDose making claims these knock-off testers would work to test all UVC products so this Amazon seller claims, led wands, and uvc bulb etc.


I complained that they had taken content from Quantadose without permission, and they did change the wording of their listing, but amazon refuses to remove it for making false claims. I had to order them to compare it to the our well tested reusable Quantadose UVC test card.

The results, I think it boils down to people on Amazon are really being taking advantage of because they just don’t understand what they are buying, and little knowledge of the inverse square law of distance or the differences between UVC wavelengths in relationship to actual disinfecting power and duration needed for a lethal dose of UVGI.

Can you believe Amazon suggest this product to test their UVC lights sold on Amazon!


The seller also claims the green ink will test if your phone box sanitizer is working. This is false too! Let me explain.

The truth is the green ink is much like a retroflector (stop sign), but instead of remitting all of the light energy it absorbs some which causes a change in color to green with a longer wavelength of light being remitted.

You can see a stop sign from a mile away at night, but if you were standing next to that stop sign with the headlights a mile away – the headlights wouldn’t help you read text from a newspaper because the energy from the light isn’t strong enough, yet the road sign is still reflective to the driver a mile away.

Same goes for this green UVC ink, it will glow green at extremely low levels of UVC light power. I have included a video with a professional UVC meter proving that this ink will glow green at under .001 μW/cm2. This is a microWatts power reading!

THIS IS NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE TO A GERMICIDAL DOSE OF UVC! DO NOT USE THESE FOR DETERMINING IF YOUR UVC LIGHT IS ABLE TO KILL A VIRUS – These style testers with many 5 star reviews on Amazon can not do what it claims!

Neither of these inks used in this fake tester product available on every wholesale site in China (actually an oil used in silk screen printing) are NOT the correct types of ink for the application of UVC device test for which they are being advertised by the Amazon seller or on all the China wholesale sites for that matter.

Looking at the reviews there many buyers saying they discovered they bought a fake UV light, well they can add a fake UVC tester to their list of not as advertised products they are entrusting their life too.

AGAIN do not trust that any device is functioning at a UVC power-level strong enough to kill a virus with this Amazon sellers product. Glowing green, at these very low UVC levels wouldn’t give a virus a suntan, much less destroy it! Be careful everyone, look for more professional options if you want a quick reusable UVC test result!

Using this fake indicator ink sold on Amazon will allow half the fake UVC light products to pass their test. So buyer beware!

Choose QuantaDose to do your quick check testing on consumer grade UVC products or to help you speed light setup time in commercial applications of UVC lighting.

QuantaDose professional grade reversible UVC test cards are not to replace medical grade irreversible photochromic pigment cards for confirming 50 and 100 mJ/cm² accumulative exposure over the time of the UVC disinfection process for commercial or home environments.

Love & Light

Katie Webb, Founder, CEO

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