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First Filtered Far-UVC Light Module to be UL Certified with Ushio Care222 Technology by Acuity Brands


Your Content Goes Here Certified to meet U.S. and Canadian standards for germicidal equipment for use in occupied spaces Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) reported that its Care222® filtered far-UVC module with patent-pending dosing electronics is the first germicidal UV (GUV) source in the wavelength range 200-230 nm (i.e., “far-UVC”) to be UL LLC Certified […]

Healthe, Inc., Gives Judge Dalton More Detail About How It Says Sterilray Reads Its Patents Too Broadly


Your Content Goes Here Inc Hits Back At Motion To Dismiss Against “Fatally Ambiguous Patent Claims” By Sterilray Healthe, Inc., tells the Honorable Roy B. Dalton, Jr., High Energy Ozone LLC d/b/a/ Far-UV Sterilray and S. Edward Neister misread their UV technology patents, attempting to erroneously broaden the meaning of the term “single line wavelengths” […]