UV-C LED Disinfection Principle

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UV-C Disinfection Principle UV-C: 100-280nm, (the most common UV-C LED produces UV light at a wavelength between 260-280nm that can effectively destroy DNA/RNA of germs and bacteria). UV-B: 280-315nm, primarily used in protein analysis and medicinal light therapy. UV-A: 315-400nm, primarily used for the curing of polymers and printer inks. UV-C refers to ultraviolet light, [...]

How do I know if germicidal UVC light is being emitted?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyuOpB4_POc Dr. Michael Kralik, Director of Engineering at Western Technology answers questions about the UVC BODYLight™. Question: How do I know if germicidal UVC light is being emitted? Learn More about the UVC BODYLight™ on our website:https://www.westerntechnologylights.com/ hi i'm dr Michael credit with western technology lights. one of the questions that we receive is how [...]

Fake UV Virus Protection Exposed By Popular Influencers, Doctors and Engineers By Engaging Social Media Fans Using QuantaDose UVC Light Test Card

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QuantaDose, the world's premier provider for reusable UVC light testing cards to detect fake germicidal UV-C lights, has rapidly innovated narrow-band UV fluorescence and wide-band photochromic materials into a popular tool for Social Media Influencers, Doctors, and Businesses to detect fake UVC lights, today announced the release of their much-anticipated [...]

Checking it Twice: Santa Claus Has New Test For Fake Germicidal UV Light Wand Stocking Stuffers With QuantaDose UVC Light Wand Test Card

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Quanta X Technology, the parent company of QuantaDose, CEO Katie Webb suggests, "Anyone in Santa's shoes gifting a UVC device to a friend or family member needs to make sure the UV-C device is real, and they also need to understand the potential dangers when using a UVC device for disinfecting objects [...]

Amazon continues to put Amazon Customers lives in danger selling fake UVC test card products using stolen content from QuantaDose UVC Test Card Website

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Message sent to Amazon Seller support! Case #7678314441 ( Note I have been in contact with Amazon several times a week for 4 months over this theft and danger to the public which they have done nothing about it!) I sent Jeff's C-suite a copy of your incompetence in being able to review [...]


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