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USPTO Issues WMD Against America During Pandemic – Corporate Patent Tolls Claim Control Over American Lives With Invalid 222nm US Patent Claims

Your Content Goes Here Russian Excimer Patents Before 1-31-2005 2001 Device for ultraviolet inactivation of microorganisms – inventors E.A Sosnin L.V Lavrentiev , Victor F Tarasenko The invention relates to ultraviolet inactivation of microorganisms. The device contains a flask made of a dielectric, transparent at a working wavelength, containing a mixture of gases, […]

In 1993 Ushio Electric commercialized the world’s first excimer lamp, today filtered Excimer Far-UVC 222-nm-wavelengths are regarded as very safe for the human body


Your Content Goes Here State-of-the-art Technology: Inactivation of Pathogens using a 222-nm    Ultraviolet Light Source with an Optical Filter Ushio Inc. Hiroyuki Ohashi, Toru Koi, and Tatsushi Igarashi Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and USA Patents issued before 1-31-2005 Invalidates any US Patent Claim To 222nm Excimer Lamps! Issued 1993 Ushio, Inc. Japan 222nm Excimer […]

Patents Matter vs Lives Matter: COVID Cutthroat Capitalism – Far-UV Sterilray Claims Even When the USPTO is Deceived That Patents Matter!


Your Content Goes Here Patents Matter vs. True American Patriot, Lives Matter! A LinkedIn member opens a dialogue after QuantaDose ran a press release on former president Trump’s very insightful comments on the use of “very powerful light.” this particular LinkedIn member , like all anti-Trumpers, wanted a political debate that I was very uncompelled […]

Strategic lawsuit threats against public participation

A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP), SLAPP suit, or intimidation lawsuit[1] is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.[2] In the typical SLAPP, the plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff’s goals are […]

Far-UV Sterilray Wants To Use Lawyers/Court Cases To Restrict Free Speech and Your Right To Life Saving 222nm Far-UVC light


Your Content Goes Here Click here to view the online parley removed from the LinkedIn Memorial Day Weekend post and comments by Neister. Everything goes downhill after Sterilray founder starts piggybacking on BLM when claiming over a decade of “torturous” years and closing with “Patents Matter!” This sparked outrage in the discussion- Sterilray is using […]