Monthly Archives: November 2020

QuantaDose UVC Test Cards Surge Amidst Black Friday UV Phone Cleaner, UV Light Wand and UV Sanitizer Sales

QuantaDose was created out of the need for a rapid response reusable test to prevent consumers from falling victim to UV sterilizer scams which are flooding the US market as potential holiday stocking stuffers. QuantaDose instantly informs holiday shoppers if a UV wavelength is truly germicidal and within 15 seconds provides confirmation of >300 µW/cm² […]

UVC Test By QuantaDose Detects Counterfeit UVC Sanitizer and UV Sterilizers Using Reusable UVC Wavelength Indicator with UVC Test Strip for UV Power

QuantaDose has developed a new anti-counterfeit technology for commercial business and residential consumer-grade UV light sanitization equipment with a credit card size reusable UVC test that instantly indicates if a UV device produces optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths to help consumers discern fraudulently marketed UVC light sterilization products from the most effective UVC germicidal wavelengths. Nationwide, […]