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How To Safely Install Far-UVC lighting for AP-UVGI Using Lights Inverse-Square Law of Distance To Understand Power, Distance and Time Dosage Requirements and Limitations


Your Content Goes Here Is The Inverse-Square Law of Distance Important? When mounting an overhead Far-UVC ceiling light with a ceiling height of 10 feet, there’s a 75% drop in light power from 1 Foot to 2 Feet, but only a 5% drop in light from 4 feet to 10 feet with only 1% of […]

The Quanta X Technology Manufactures Sample Seller Program

Your Content Goes Here What is Quanta X Technology Far UVC Light Manufactures and Far UVC Light Distributors Sample Seller Program? Let there be no mistake; this is a war raging between two worlds — the enemy lurks in the microscopic world, ambushing the living in our macroscopic world! The time has come not to […]

222nm Far-UVC Light Cancer Risk From Unfiltered (KrCl) Krypton Far UV-C 222-nm Excimer Krypton Chloride Excilamps Hazards

These days, QuantaModule’s open-source Far-UVC lighting hardware is the latest rage among venture capitalists and technologists seeking to enter the Far-UVC light business to battle the virus. QuantaDose Far-UVC test card manufacture issues these entrepreneurs warnings on Far-UVC cancer risk from unfiltered Far UVC 222nm Excimer (KrCl) Krypton Chloride Excilamps.   SEMINOLE, FLA. APRIL 23, […]

It Is Time To Evolve! The New Technology Age of Aquarius and FAR-UVC Light


Your Content Goes Here It Is Time To Evolve! The New Technology Age of Aquarius and FAR-UVC Light Am I the only one that thinks it is ironic it was the suppression of Far-UVC light eons ago that allowed for life outside murky water to thrive (from photosynthesis inside algae to oxygen and ozone) with […]

Far-UV/UVC/UV Light Test Card Manufacturer QuantaDose Marks Their First Year Anniversary Adding New AP Prefix to 100+ Year Old UVGI Medical Terminology AP-UVGI


Your Content Goes Here (Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) Quanta X Technology LLC, pioneering specialists in self-powered UVGI detection devices, dedicated the website to a new prefix for an over 100-year-old UVGI medical terminology. Breakthroughs using germicidal UVC wavelengths suitable for Active Personnel, AP-UVGI is the biggest disruption to conventional UVGI and upper-room UR-UVGI […]