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In-depth Analysis of FAR UV IP Case regarding Patent 11,246,951 B

Ramifications of the PTAB Preliminary Ruling on Far-UV Sterilray Patent Claims Background: The case IPR2023-00695 revolves around Patent 11,246,951 B2 (referred to as the ’951 patent). The patent’s veracity is being challenged by the petitioner on the basis of prior art references, namely Eckhardt and Sosnin. This review specifically addresses the examiner’s previous decisions and […]

The Brewing Battle Over FAR UV Technology Patents: What You Need to Know

Case Overview Ultraviolet (UV) lighting, hailed for its germicidal properties, is at the center of a heated legal dispute involving prominent UV lighting companies and Dr. S. Edward Neister, backed by High Energy Ozone LLC d/b/a Far-UV Sterilray. As these entities battle over patent rights, the key question emerges: Who truly holds the rightful claim […]

Ramifications of the PTAB Preliminary Ruling on Far-UV Sterilray’s Patent Claims

The recent preliminary decision by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) concerning the validity of some claims in a patent used by Far-UV Sterilray has potentially wide-reaching implications for the Far-UVC industry. As sterilization and disinfection are pivotal for public health, the debate over intellectual property rights in this field could impact companies, stakeholders, […]

Eye Safety Review: Using Far-UVC Lamps in the Office 

The potential of Far-UVC light, specifically filtered through Krypton-Chloride lamps, to combat airborne diseases is gaining traction. Significant strides have been made to validate the skin safety of these lamps. However, a pivotal aspect that remains relatively under-explored is its impact on our eyes, especially when deployed in everyday settings like an office. A recent […]

Far-UVC’s Game-Changing Impact on Indoor Air Quality

A Bright Light in the Fight Against Airborne Diseases As researchers race against time to combat the current pandemic, a transformative innovation shines bright, both literally and figuratively. The latest findings on far-UVC light may revolutionize our approach to purifying indoor air, ensuring spaces that were once considered hazardous are rendered as safe as the […]

Unlocking the Power of Far-UVC Technology in Mitigating Airborne Pathogens

September 11, 2023 In an era where infectious diseases have robustly tested the grit of global healthcare infrastructures, the development and exploration of efficient antimicrobial technologies are paramount. A recent study led by P. Jacob Bueno de Mesquita et al. unveils enlightening prospects in employing far-UVC light as a proficient tool in mitigating airborne pathogens, […]

Revolutionizing AI Capabilities: Melanie AI’s AI Estimator and its Impact

  Introduction In the continually evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the key to staying relevant is constant innovation. As advancements reshape the industry, we witness revolutionary tools like Melanie AI’s AI Estimator emerge. This innovative tool challenges traditional AI estimation methods by offering a dynamic, real-time user experience. Pivoting away from relying on custom […]

Declaration of Oliver R. Lawal: The Future of Far-UVC Technology at Stake in Patent Trial and Appeal Board Hearing

The Future of Far-UVC Technology at Stake in Patent Trial and Appeal Board Hearing Far-UVC technology is one of the most promising and innovative fields of technology today. Its applications are diverse and range from sterilization and disinfection to the treatment of various diseases. The technology has been the subject of much research and development, […]

Far-UVC Patent Trial To End Monopolization Of Natural Germicidal Effect of 222nm UV Light

The use of ultraviolet (UV) light to kill harmful microorganisms has been known for decades, and has been widely used in various applications such as air and water disinfection, and surface sterilization. However, the use of conventional UV light sources (typically, those in the range of 200-400 nm) for these applications has several drawbacks, including […]

Why is the best way to end/prevent a pandemic silent in the media and trapped in USA courtrooms?

Abuse of United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO Is Being Use As Weapon of Mass Destruction WMD During COVID Pandemic

Your Content Goes Here is the best way to end/prevent a pandemic silent in the media and trapped in USA courtrooms? Far UV pandemic countermeasures can not even be advertised without threats of litigation when all we want is the freedom of speech to Advertise for building awareness that there is a better way than […]