American Ultraviolet Exclusive Agreement With Intellego Technologies For UVC Dosimeters Cause Pandemic Price Problems

Message Sent 8/16/2020

There has to be something that can be done about wholesale pricing in the USA! Your deal with American Ultraviolet was normal enough before the pandemic.

However, you have a very effective product that can not get inflated to $5.80 plus 4.20 S&H on ebay (10US). Other option someone wants to buy 50 @ 3.50 and pay 20 dollars flat rate shipping and handling to buy directly from American Ultraviolet’s two little shopping sites.

Exclusive rights to UVC Dosimeter technology is needed by so many, not just health care providers. During a pandemic this creates unspeakable cutthroat capitalism that hurts everyday people already hurting so badly.

People depend on this UVC Dosimeter technology to prevent them from ever reaching the point of needing health care providers, so it is immoral to make pricing exclusive for healthcare providers, and pricing out millions of end consumers using UVGI to protect their love-ones.

I am respectfully requesting wholesale pricing in USA to broaden the market to end consumers directly and bring balance between humanitarian and capitalism causes. We can package smaller number of cards in black Mylar bags. Better than how I received my 50 from American Ultraviolet in a clear sandwich baggie. No photo-degradation or humidity concerns at all?

Since the pandemic began general UVC disinfection techniques have moved from hospitals to living rooms requiring a more cost effective means to visualize UVGI exposure for all end users of UVGI. Your agreement has made the cost twice as much for people that cant afford to pay x2 what health care providers pay for it and need it just as badly.

You don’t see a problem there? End consumers are paying 10 dollars for one single use product and several are needed at a time.

Can we please make the US market more competitive for the sake of the people over your selected one currently controlling distribution and pricing in North America. Please help us broaden the market for this technology and stabilize fair pricing for everyone!

Katie Webb
CEO QuantaDose