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QuantaDose 2 Step UV Test

QuantaDose® UVC Test Card provides real-time results to ensure that UVC devices are working properly. The test card is simple to use and offers a low-cost, in-house, reusable method of monitoring UV intensity and verifying the optimal UVC germicidal light wavelengths in your disinfection process. The card has a dual-wavelength system with a wide-band photochromic […]

The QuantaDose 3rd Gen Test Card is the ultimate UV light testing solution. Say goodbye to guesswork!

The QuantaDose UVC Test Card was the world’s first reusable test card that included a luminescent wavelength indicator, which allows consumers to quickly visualize the wavelength of UVA or UVC light and help determine if the light source is an effective method of inactivating viruses and other pathogens. The test card is designed to help […]

1st-3rd Gen QuantaDose UVC Test Cards

1st Gen QuantaDose UVC Test Card: The QuantaDose 1st Gen UVC Test Card is a simple and reliable tool for quickly visualizing the intensity and wavelength of UVC light for effective disinfection. It features a photochromic dosimeter strip that is sensitive to a wide range of UV wavelengths between 200-400 nm, including UVA, UVB, and […]

The QuantaDose™ UVC Test Card is a tool

The QuantaDose™ UVC Test Card is a tool designed to help consumers distinguish between effective and fraudulent Ultraviolet-C (UVC) disinfection lighting products. UVC light is a type of light that is naturally produced by the sun, but is blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere and does not occur on the surface. It is used to destroy […]

Utilizing rapid visualization technology, the QuantaDose™ UVC Test Card helps consumers discern fraudulent Ultraviolet-C (UVC) disinfection lighting products from effective ones that are scientifically proven to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other microbes on surfaces. QuantaDose Protects the Public Against Predatory Pandemic Scammers with Germicidal UVC Light Test Card Every day people are being taken advantage […]

Get Ready To Rumble: Companies face off in PTAB trial over fight for light (LIFE)

Big win for the Far UV light coalition!  Scorecard update! Far UV Coalition: 01       Patent Trolls: 00 Unfortunately, potentially one of our best defenses thought-out the pandemic hasn’t seen the light of day.  A consortium of companies has formed a coalition to protect America’s right to innovate from the seeds of common […]

Far UV Sterilray Gets Nothing! Healthe, Inc. Seeks Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection in Delaware

Your Content Goes Here, Inc. Seeks Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Healthe, Inc. — seeking a declaratory judgment saying it isn’t infringing on High Energy Ozone LLC d/b/a/ Far-UV Sterilray and Inventor S. Edward Neister’s ultraviolet technology patents — filed a petition under chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in Wilmington, Del. David W. Carickhoff serves as the Chapter 7 […]


It could be safe to assume that the Neister’s lawyers know what they are doing. If I were to guess, I’d say they are so confident in their abilities to “impede life-saving technology for profit” that they have taken these cases on just a contingency fee. Regardless of the fact, this is almost 40 yr […]

USPTO Issues WMD Against America During Pandemic – Corporate Patent Tolls Claim Control Over American Lives With Invalid 222nm US Patent Claims

Your Content Goes Here Russian Excimer Patents Before 1-31-2005 2001 Device for ultraviolet inactivation of microorganisms – inventors E.A Sosnin L.V Lavrentiev , Victor F Tarasenko The invention relates to ultraviolet inactivation of microorganisms. The device contains a flask made of a dielectric, transparent at a working wavelength, containing a mixture of gases, […]