UVC Test By QuantaDose Detects Counterfeit UVC Sanitizer and UV Sterilizers Using Reusable UVC Wavelength Indicator with UVC Test Strip for UV Power

QuantaDose has developed a new anti-counterfeit technology for commercial business and residential consumer-grade UV light sanitization equipment with a credit card size reusable UVC test that instantly indicates if a UV device produces optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths to help consumers discern fraudulently marketed UVC light sterilization products from the most effective UVC germicidal wavelengths.

Nationwide, counterfeited goods have received significant attention, ranging from senators writing letters to Amazon to remove illegal, deadly, and deceptive products sold on the platform to President Trump addressing the counterfeit goods problem from countries like China as foreign sellers dominate many retail platforms in the USA.

Counterfeit goods are a big problem because foreign sellers evade legal repercussions when not respecting US intellectual property laws designed to protect American consumers and businesses alike.

“Oversight action didn’t happen soon enough,” said QuantaDose CTO, John Coates.

The lead engineer behind the consumer-friendly, cost-effective, credit card-sized counterfeit detector designed for scrutinizing consumer-grade UVC sterilization lights that have flooded online marketplaces since the pandemic began.

In November 2019, the first COVID-19 cases appeared in China. The start of a global pandemic was already underway when the Senate Finance Committee released a bipartisan report, titled The Fight Against Fakes: How Statutory and Regulatory Barriers Prevent The Sharing of Information on Counterfeits, which underscored many of the significant health and safety risks of counterfeits sold on mainstream stores online.

QuantaDose CEO, Katie Webb, comments on the Committee’s report saying, “The counterfeit health risks outlined in the Senate Finance Committee’s report pails in comparison to the risk of counterfeits online during the pandemic sold to aid in virus prevention – immediate revisions and government action must be taken to protect the people of our nation.”

Since the report was published a year ago, the world has been saturated with fake PPE.  Most notably, fake N95 masks given to protect front-line heroes posted the most media attention; however, fake germicidal UVC light products ready for purchase online by end consumers from the most popular online marketplaces have garnered no media attention even though hundreds of youtube videos online show fake UVC germicidal products are victimizing consumers.

According to Webb, “These victimized consumers aren’t just putting UVC lights in the hallway of their homes, they are business owners of high traffic restaurants, retail spaces, and gyms that already have to work incredibly hard to keep themselves and customers safe.   Just one counterfeit UVC light in one of these businesses can put an entire community at risk.”

Webb is right too. Google search “Testing UV-C Lights” to see how the lucky members at WeBeFit gym can thank their blessing that the owners of their workout spot went above and beyond by testing every disinfection product and technology before using them to protect their clients and workout areas.

“WeBeFit gym is a stellar business that sets a gold standard for virus prevention that all gyms should follow. I’m very grateful the QuantaDose test card can help these struggling businesses figure out what’s real UVC and what’s fake UVC to keep them from becoming victims of something far worse than an online scam”, said Webb.

The Gym’s owners posted a video showing how the QuantaDose UVC test card instantly detected a fake UVC germicidal light before it was ever used to protect the gym’s clients and community.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcMy0yFrI4I

“We are pleased to be recognized by WeBeFit; we believe this recognition is validation for the importance of businesses testing UVC lighting and value that QuantaDose solutions can offer to Supply Chain leaders in the fight against UVC counterfeits.  To begin with, our biggest goal should be to stop fake UVC disinfection products from ever making it to gym owners in the first place,” commented Coates.

The QuantaDose UVC test card can instantly detect real UVC light wavelengths to alert consumers if they are under a false sense of virus protection from falling victim to fake UVC germicidal lighting.

No matter what UV disinfection technology is being used, the QuantaDose UVC test card is designed for detecting state-of-the-art 222nm wavelengths produced by Far UV-C micro-plasma lamps and Far-UV excimer bulbs; optimized for the most common 253.7nm mercury-line wavelength and extending all the way up to a wavelength of 280nm for Deep UV LED technology. All of which are UV wavelengths produced by legitimate UV-C disinfection products.

Coates advises: “QuantaDose UVC counterfeiting countermeasures should be implemented throughout the UVC lighting supply chain in the USA. In our opinion, this recommendation is in line with a focus on the importance of public health and brand protection for all resellers of UVC lighting products purchased overseas for resale in the USA market.

By using QuantaDose, businesses can confirm their brand’s in-store UVC virus precautions aren’t fake and take QuantaDose quality control measures before approving the resale of UVC devices to help protect consumers in the USA from the dangers of counterfeits. Best of all, QuantaDose is affordable to all at under $10 and very consumer-friendly for end-users to confirm their real UVC products.

QuantaDose UVC Test Cards are available at
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