Far UVC Light Pre-sales Question and Answers

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Dear QuantaDose Support,

We have some questions that we would like to get answers for.

1. Are there any restrictions of selling to overseas businesses (i.e., in South Korea)? What is the estimated time of arrival and cost for shipping to S. Korea?

Unless the company or its agents are listed in a federal database forbidding us to do business. There are no restrictions that will prevent us from getting the far-UVC emitters and related components shipped directly to you.


Assuming the is no connection with the above list, several express shipping services are available – DHL 3-5 day logistics service is our standard shipping. Until the exact size and weight of the package(s) are known for the order, the best I can tell you is that the average express shipping cost is between $150 and $300, depending on how many and what size samples are ordered.

2. Are there any minimum number of orders required for far-UVC lights?

No, you can order in any quantity for items that are in stock. High volume discounts only apply to volume orders. < 10 Sample Prices Apply

If we custom ordered specific configurations of far-UVC lights, would we still need to order the minimum quantity requirements?

Most design customization requires a minimum quantity of 100. Things like custom logo designs are available in smaller quantities depending on the reordering rate.

3. Given that many of QuantaDose’s far-UVC lights accept 24V DC power, can you tell us which millimeter barrel adapter for 24V DC adapters are compatible with QuantaDose’s lights?

All the 24v far-UVC devices come with a power supply and matching barrel connectors. You can use any millimeter barrel connectors rated for use with 2 amps at 24 volts if you want to change them.

4. For the 24V DC power source, how many amperes should our power adapter supply to the far-UVC light?

The 24v input devices require 2 amps. As mentioned, all products will always come with a properly rated power supply. Preassembled Far-UVC products are plug-and-play directly from the included power supply.
While QuantaModules and QuantaBulbs require minor assembly with connectors included. These are a use-your-own plug-and-play solution, which must always be assembled by a professional trained in high-voltage wiring.

5. International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP): exposure limit of 23 mJ/cm2 , or 0.000833 mW/cm2, for a continuous 8 hour period of exposure. What is the maximum watts to get below the exposure limit?

The distance is a factor here as well. Please see your last question for a tool that will help you in making determinations on time with a known power and distance.

6. How much area does 40 W/60W/100W/1000W lights cover each? (in terms of m3?)

This will have to do with the beam pattern and height of the device you design with the bulb. Wattage is increased, the distance can be higher from the target, and the surface area covered increases with the same relative power on target. This is all relative to your design considerations.

How many are recommended for a large area?

There are several design considerations, the height of the ceiling, and how large of an area. Occupied or not occupied, the people are in transit or stationary. As a rule of thumb, most 20w far-UVC light devices can cover about 100 sq feet at 8-10 feet high.

Also, does the bandpass filter block the output intensity of light (studies say it blocks and emits about 60% of the light)?

The power output listed in each specification page for a complete lamp assembly is measured at the bandpass filter. Transparence will have to do with material choice and impurities. The studies are correct, passing the wavelengths through any medium will affect output. However, you can not use the bulbs around people without filtering the higher wavelengths >230nm. Depending on how much of the lamp’s cost you want spent on the bandpass filter, you can achieve better than 60%.

7. Any tests done towards COVID? Any virus/bacteria efficiency count experiments done and what was the testing method?

Properly manufactured 222nm filtered KrCl excimer lamps produce the same 222nm peak no matter what. There are many studies available online using this exact filtered wavelength using KrCl excimer lamps. Several manufactures, including ours, have done third-party testing. We also provide discounts and donations to hospitals and schools to further research and awareness in this area.

8. Regarding the compliance testing QuantaDose has advertised on the website, can QuantaDose present some of those global compliance testing certifications?

– Will upload very soon!

9. It does say QuantaDose’s branding team can create a full range of options for OEM products to match corporate visual identity or new prod launch, what does QuantaDose mean by this and what are some offering examples?

a. If QuantaDose does, then can QuantaDose customize XYZW:

X: to moving head lights

Yes, minimum order requirements and other cost factors will apply.

Y: add bunch of sensors – PIR, Contact, UV, Motion, Timer Module

Yes, minimum order requirements and other cost factors will apply.

Z: dimensions of BP filter

Yes, custom sizes can be cut easily with standard cutting lasers

W: BLE and App connection

Yes, minimum order requirements and other cost factors will apply.

**But still allow us to make changes on the go?

If you are paying for it, you can make as many changes on the go as you want. Min order requirements may be required depending on the changes and stage of current production.

*** What is the estimated total cost with these customized options?

You haven’t provided me any customization details or referenced a particular product for customizing. If you want to build a complete custom lamp, 100% of the specifications required, and there may be fees to complete the prototype design depending on what you are requesting as a final product.

10. How does QuantaDose help create and test proof of concept?

We can quickly generate prototypes with 3d printed models or an array of conventional manufacturing methods using ISO-certified environments. We can have your product design tested at ARE labs in the USA, or help with the process of obtaining government and industry certifications in the USA only, and provide a strategically placed entry into the marketplace.

11. Any safety tests done to ensure no fire, no electrocution, no chemical/physical hazards? We would love to obtain QuantaDose’s DFMEA.

As the technology matures, you can expect better availability of proper design failure mode and effect analysis. As it stands, 3 million people are dead, vaccines struggle with variants, and the worst variants may still come.
These are mercury-free devices and many orders of magnitude safer than conventional UVGI or UR-UVGI applications. We will only build designs to the highest quality standards in an ISO cert factory to the standards of all applicable regulatory and quality control agencies. We can help attain all quality test certifications for any new Far-UVC light design you want manufactured using professionals in the industry.

12. Which microcontroller is QuantaDose using?

That will depend on the model device being assembled. Custom microcontrollers used are programmed via a serial port protocol. However on the fully assembled far UV light the MC is accessible via USB.

Are they all printed circuit boarded or does QuantaDose use an arduino?

Most FAR UV production devices today have MCs on circuit boards to control functions. However, none are using Arduino at this time.

If you’ve wrote your Firmware/Software on Arduino Uno to prototype light controls and functions the ATmega328P microcontroller will allow for easy portability into a production ready microcontroller programmable via USB.

Can QuantaDose use an arduino for us so that we can make changes for customers if they want?

We can support the open-source community to develop this as a solution together with minimum order requirements and R&D in this area. To use the ATmega328P microcontroller, or ARM version would take rewriting the Firmware/Software and redesigning the current circuit’s architecture.

If you don’t absolutely need Arduino, you have access to the firmware via USB port programmable in C if you aren’t trying to port over something.


13. Does QuantaDose have any patents?

At QuantaDose, we have a bio-hazard we are dealing with, pushing innovation at every angle, patents are not our focus. We want everyone to build a better mousetrap! Open-source end to all pandemics!

What are some of the regulatory requirements that we should be aware of working with QuantaDose?

You must always follow all regulatory guidelines that are required in your jurisdiction. These will differ, from exposure levels to certifications accepted depending on the country of origin and location of sale. It is your responsibility to follow all the laws and regulatory statutes applicable to your geographic area when using Far-UV in public areas.

14. Who are some of QuantaDose’s clients (if this is not confidential may we ask please)?

You can find YouTube reviews from everyday people to large companies using QuantaDose products. Far-UV lighting products are only now picking up steam in the marketplace. Far-UV hasn’t received the media attention it deserves at all!

15. Any recommended use hours, time points (periodical or continuous)?

The below spreadsheet tool can help you figure out the time necessary to be effective UVGI and when the maximum levels of safe 222nm exposure has been reached under current international standards.


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