Patents Matter vs Lives Matter: COVID Cutthroat Capitalism – Far-UV Sterilray Claims Even When the USPTO is Deceived That Patents Matter!

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Patents Matter vs. True American Patriot, Lives Matter!

A LinkedIn member opens a dialogue after QuantaDose ran a press release on former president Trump’s very insightful comments on the use of “very powerful light.” this particular LinkedIn member , like all anti-Trumpers, wanted a political debate that I was very uncompelled to oblige.

The reason for the press release was to stress the need for a wider acceptance of the former president’s comments about the importance of “very powerful light ” with regards to pandemic prevention. This “very powerful light” is known as 222nm Far-UVC light.

Now, one American company, Far-UV Sterilray, is taking every legal means possible to prevent the American people from acquiring this life-saving 222nm Far-UVC light.

The member misunderstood our position and the situation thinking it would be a good idea to attack the founder of QuantaDose in a concerted effort to restrict the natural rights of the American people without the knowledge that an American company has tricked the USPTO into believing KrCl lamp technology and the natural harmonics peaks of excited noble gas molecules is patentable 40 years after being invented in Russia!

Link to PRWEB press release 4/23/2021

Erik-McMillan-UV-C-GUV-Germicidal Ultra-Violet

To be honest, I am OK if you were a Trump fan. I think everyone should do their best to try and see what they have in common versus hating someone for their different beliefs. Had you said you were a Trump fan, I would not despise or dislike you, rather I would simply let you know we have a difference of opinion, but that is what is supposed to make the US great….being able to let a person believe what they want to believe without hate or anger being involved. People are People.

No, People are People is incorrect! There are some very bad people that politicize their hate for one person no matter how many are harmed.

Look, just because I acknowledge light technology breakthroughs Trump announced to the American people on 4/23/2020 asserting that the American people do have a non-pharmaceutical technological approach to destroy pandemic-causing viruses that are completely safe for humans.

That does not mean I want to debate politics with you because saving lives is not political!

My family is German, and when Hitler began his rants that we were a superior race, my family immediately were outspoken and many of my family were jailed because they would insist that there should be no mention of a superior race, because no race is superior to another.

Finally, something we can agree on! Your family was prosecuted for using what in America we call our First Amendment right. A natural birthright to speak freely on issues of public interest without the fear of prosecution that is granted to all by their creator! Your family did the right thing!

You however have learned nothing from this horrific lesson in history!

Just check human DNA.

The DNA that makes up every human is different in all of us! This is why one person plays the cello, another is an MMA fighter, and thankfully for your incarcerated family members in Germany during the war, the PATRIOT existed because of these subtle changes in DNA too!

I didn’t think I would need to be the one to info you of this, but when people “volunteer” to die for what is right, that is all in one’s DNA! Just as it in one’s DNA to dodge a draft! True patriots understand that our freedom was paid for in blood and willing to pay that price without hesitation!

Two of these amazing patriots were both of my Grandfathers! While your family was locked away in jail for the use of speech, and millions slaughtered. My family boarded planes and boats to head off to your foreign land to protect every human’s right to “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness”!

They arrived in your land to be killed or kill Adolf Hitler and defeat the Nazi dictatorship responsible for the worst crimes against humanity!

Put most bluntly, Patrick Henry’s quotation attributed to the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775 “Give me liberty, or give me death!” sums up a true patriot perfectly!

Just my personal belief. I do wish you the very best, and maybe we will end up working together soon.

I will never team up with those that support the axes of evil that strip American’s of their God-given right to life-saving 222nm light by those that tricked the USPTO into issuing a patent on 40 year old tech that limits innovation to saves American lives!

Invictus-Innovative-Sterilization-Erik-McMillanUV-C-GUV-Germicidal Ultra-Violet


While you continue to support a company in America in a bid to control life-saving 222nm light without merit!

Just watch how relentlessly this true patriot fights for everyone’s right to life, liberty, and happiness!

The Neister meister licensing fee to control God-given life-saving 222nm light can not be allowed to happen! The patent should have never been issued and the attack’s on American companies saving lives with Far-UVC technology should never have been allowed to happen had the USPTO done their job correctly!

In America, you can support corporate evil-doing, that is you right!

Don’t even for a second expect me not to fight evil-doers using my God-given right!

This is the World, and in every major country, if you create a technology you have the right to protect it EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT USING IT, no matter who whines like some spoiled child.

So the way you think, it sounds like you believe since Hitler created technology to gas people, that meant Hitler had a right to protect this technology no matter who whines like some spoiled child that it is WRONG to gas people to death!

Well, it is just as wrong to withhold life-saving 222nm Far-UVC light to prevent people of all creed and color from suffocating to death from infectious bio-agents!

No meister should hold the right to control another’s right to life by preventing access to a natural resource, such as the fabric of all nature, light! A grave injustice to American lives cause by the USPTO validating an invalid patent claim that is causing Americans to suffer!

Also, quit PRETENDING it is because you are a SAINT and you are just wanting to do good for others.

You have said I am pretending to be a “Patriot and a Saint”. First, the two could not be more different!

My family’s heritage is made of PATRIOTS and the fact I attended a catholic private school full of SAINT teachings means I am qualified to say how wrong you are!

A Saint will forgive/forget and pray for peace and liberties to be restored to humanity.

A Patriot will NEVER forget and fights to cut the head off the snake to avoid humanity suffering from evil venom that takes away our inalienable rights!

I do pray to God for peace and our liberties to remain free from assault.

But my DNA is that of many generations of Patriots, not Saints!

In 3 months is a site I have owned for two decades!

I will have spent 20 years openly praying for lives lost that have died in America as a result of someone taking away our rights and for the men and women that have died protecting our right to life.

A Saint? Hell No! I’m no saint!

Just a human with morals like so many others!

A compassionate Patriot with a vast understanding of the sacrifices made to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

Yeah, damn straight! That’s me!

The truth is, you are just trying to make money from someone else’s hard work.

That is a FALSE statement and outright lie! You have been brainwashed by your opportunistic LinkedIn buddies looking to wrongfully cash in on controlling the rights Americans have to life-saving 222nm Far-UVC light!

I bought Far-UV lights because we specialize in UVC detection and detecting Far-UVC is our business!

I have only made purchases of Far-UVC lighting for scientific research and product research and development of our UVC detection technology.

Who the hell are you accusing of trying to make money from someone else’s hard work?

How am I making money from someone else’s hard work when I had to buy Far-UVC lights for my company’s research and development for UVC detection devices that are only available from my company?

My company is the only company on earth that designed a reusable two-part Far-UVC test card during the start pandemic that can detect Far-UVC 222nm wavelength and >3500 microwatts of power for ceiling-mounted Far-UVC light fixtures!

It is clear from EVERY page on our site we do not sell Far-UVC lamps until this injustice in controlling life-saving light has been defeated!

On top of that! We have never shipped a Far-UVC light to any customer EVER because we only sell UVC light testing cards!

I am curious how you justify your completely untrue statement!

Want to know the difference between, libel and protected free speech. The truth is protected, lies are not!

We have never sold a far-UVC light in America and we don’t plan to until our God-given rights are restored to the American people without fear of prosecution for using life-saving light!

Promoting Far-UVC light technology is a right I have no matter who claims to own God’s light!

I can use my freedom of speech to tell people in America that there are many places in the world to buy Far-UVC light bulbs the same way I did!

Order them from outside the USA!

Intelligent persons realize the truth no matter how the story is spun?

Intelligent persons like yourself?

You obviously lack the intelligence to see when others control your liberties!

Maybe this is in your DNA? Déjà vu! Could this can explain how Hitler so easily persuaded so many German people to take away the right to life for so many?

To think you are still so gullible today!

Do you have a genetic predisposition to see people suffer by taking their rights to life and God-given light?

Would you gas people for not paying a licensing fee for light? Air? Water?

What is the difference between allowing people to suffocate in a gas chamber with poison in their lungs or allowing people to suffocate in their own bedrooms with highly likely lab-made bio-agents in their lungs?

Nothing because if you support depriving Americans of life-saving 222nm light you are supporting filling their lungs with bio-agent poisons to suffocate them!

Any Intelligent person can see how wrong that is!

Really, HOW much have you given to COVID Relief?

This would require a few pages to explain all the important things we do that no one else is doing for COVID relief.

Every day, sometimes working 24 hours or more straight!

Our entire business model, both for-profit and non-profit organizations were created to support COVID relief!

Non-profit work done by addresses the COVID-19 impact that has taken away resources in the non-profit world and overshadowed the many other current societal needs, including children with chronic or terminal medical conditions!

Senator Darryl Rouson (D). District 19. personally delivered 200 of our QuantaDose Test Cards and 50 Sold out Oculus 2 virtual reality (VR) headsets and fifty tablets to children who are going through a lot at All Children’s Hospital, including extreme isolation. COVID relief comes in many forms!

Our for-profit, QuantaDose, has prevented the use of 10’s of thousands of fake UVC products.

We offer phone support from the back of our test cards to help them understand what they are buying off sites stocked with countless useless UVC products.

We work around the clock for one reason, to help save lives!

We will work even harder now to stop people like you who want to prevent the American people from using God-given light to prevent a lot of illness, pain, and suffering!

We provide a site to salute the Health care worker heroes of coronavirus – every hospital listed in the USA and many other parts of the world.

We also created a site to post a tribute for loved ones that have died from the virus.

I could go on and on to answer this with so many amazing things we have been blessed to provide people during this earth-shattering event, and wonderful people like Senator Darryl Rouson (D), who personally takes an interest in helping our mission to provide COVID relief!

After someone spends endless hours of research to create THEIR PROPERTY, and they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect it from cheaters and thieves, do you think if you whine real loud and place ignorant posts that will somehow change how the law works.

You have got to be kidding me, right?

The KrCl light bulb in dispute was first made in 1982 in Russia!

So to say this is new technology is hogwash!

Intelligent people know this!

Only the people who want to control the American people’s right to life for profit would support such claims – very evil people in my book!

While you claim they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect their property from cheaters and thieves.

Why are early Far-UV Sterilray investors making legal claims demanding their 2 million dollars back?

Maybe they were not protecting their property as you claim and just using their money to control the rights of others by claiming ownership of light, a natural resource!

I am one who has had several of my patents infringed upon so I have NO tolerance for tech thieves.

I have spent my life designing products and technologies to increase the quality of life for people and never patented any of them!

Why? That is my choice!

Because if someone can make it better, and increase the quality of life better than my invention, that is evolution at work for humanity!

Only scumbag inventors wrongfully block innovation to create the healthiest humanity!

If you had patents infringed on I am sure it was God putting karma to work for your ruthless outlook of the value of American life!

Oh yeah, and quit whining about your free speech rights, when all you are using your free speech for is to infringe on other’s rights.

It is obvious you don’t fight for our rights! So this makes me wonder do you even understand them, and at what cost American’s paid in blood to have them?

If you want to write about someone’s tech, get permission.

This statement answers my last question!

You are clueless about the rights American’s have to free speech!

In America, we don’t need permission to speak freely on topics of public interest and concern! You need to carry your butt back to Nazi Germany!

My family has bled too much in war to be told by a German that my family bled for that I must ask permission before I write something!

I will exercise my first Amendment right without fear of prosecution or persecution – if it happens or not! “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

If you want to use someone else’s tech, PAY… like everyone else!

You erroneously claim that Far-UV Sterilray somehow has the right to prevent Americans from using KrCl Far-UVC lamps.

The first lamps of this type were developed in 1982 at The Vavilov State Optical Institute in Russia.

There is not a single person in America or the world that is being legally forced to buy Far-UVC light bulbs from a company in the USA that has taken great effort in wrongfully restricting Americans from life saving Far-UVC light!

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