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Press Releases: QuantaDose In The News

222-nm Far UVC Cancer Risk With Unfiltered Far UV-C 222 Excimer (KrCl) Krypton Chloride Excilamps Claims Far-UVC Test Card Manufacture QuantaDose



Virus Fighting Far UVC Light Manufacturers Unite On Anniversary of Trump’s Infamous “Very Powerful Light” Remark With Annual 4-23 Global Sales Event


Far-UVC/UVC/UV Light Test Card Manufacturer QuantaDose Marks Their Year Anniversary Adding New AP Prefix To Over 100-Year-Old UVGI Medical Terminology – AP-UVGI

QuantaDose Protects the Public Against Predatory Pandemic Scammers with Germicidal UVC Light Test Card

QuantaDose UVC Test Cards Surge Amid Record Black Friday UV Phone Cleaner, UV Light Wand, and UV Sanitizer Sales

UVC Test By QuantaDose Detects Counterfeit UVC Sanitizer and UV Sterilizers Using Reusable UVC Wavelength Indicator with UVC Test Strip for UV Power Levels

Santa Claus Has New Test For Fake Germicidal UV Light Wand Stocking Stuffers With QuantaDose UVC Light Wand Test Card

Fake UV Virus Protection Exposed By Popular Influencers, Doctors, and Engineers Engaging Social Media Fans Using QuantaDose UVC Light Test Card

Senator Darryl Rouson Delivers Donated Oculus 2 VR Headsets, Tablets, and UVC Test Cards to All Children’s Hospital

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