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Rest In Peace My Brother!

Quanta X Technology’s CTO John Coates just found out yesterday that his stepbrother (Bobby) died alone because of COVID on May 13, 2020. 54 yrs old…

The mass deployment of FAR-UVC and his personal WarOnFlu just went to a whole new level.


Any person or corporation that restricts access to light-based counter bio-agent technology producing 222nm wavelengths needed to win the War On Flu to save lives in America or abroad from nuclei fallout caused by the spread of infectious bio-agents. Will be considered a terrorist, not a capitalist!

As of today, nearly 4 million souls have been taken from us 3,927,501

Trump was right, “Hit the Body with Very Powerful Light”!

Don’t let the polarization of politics or capitalism get in the way of saving lives with God-given light!

Remember the words of Abraham Lincoln when honoring the soldiers that sacrificed their lives in order “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” when spoken at Gettysburg.


Jefferson Coates, like many others, answered Lincoln’s call and shed their blood on the battlefield of Gettysburg so that my CTO John Coates has these words to live by today!

Don’t think for a second you will prevail in controlling the destiny of free men and women by making yourself a master over “We The People” through illegitimate patent claims to own God’s light!

John Coates will not allow for our Government’s patent office to be used as a weapon against “We The People” to deprive the people of life-saving light that protects our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

Ryan wrote in responce

The amount of irradiance needed to disinfect the entire body needs to be uniform for X amount of time to fully deactivate a pathogen. 222nm Excimer, 254nm Hg, and 260-295nm LEDs alone would not stop the flu or any virus. It would only help to mitigate via cleaner air, etc. Vaccines will always be the #1 answer.

I hope we can agree to disagree “Vaccines will always be the #1 answer” – Vaccines are reactive, and “Always” assumes that there will never be a technology solution. We already know better!

At no point am I saying the entire body must be disinfected, but the air surrounding the body DOES need to be disinfected, and that means the body is exposed to the light!

When the R naught is less than 1, the disease will not spread and will eventually die out without needing (after the fact) mass vaccination.

Immersive 219-222nm is our best hope for keeping the R0 under 1 where the spread is most imminent (indoors).

I’m no anti-vaxxer. I’ve had both my shots. 4 million people are dead. A proactive response is needed. Our first line of defense needs to be air purification in real-time in occupied spaces.

150 years ago, people thought the horse was “always” going to be our best form of transportation. Innovation will lead to a proactive solution. UVGI-FI can disinfect a room with the flow of wireless data. Using the word ALWAYS for the old way is akin to saying NEVER to a new way. Never say never. There is always a better way!




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