Far-UV/UVC/UV Light Test Card Manufacturer QuantaDose Marks Their First Year Anniversary Adding New AP Prefix to 100+ Year Old UVGI Medical Terminology AP-UVGI

Your Content Goes Herehttps://www.quantadose.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/photo-1441260038675-7329ab4cc264.jpgAP-UVGI (Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation)

Quanta X Technology LLC, pioneering specialists in self-powered UVGI detection devices, dedicated the apuvgi.com website to a new prefix for an over 100-year-old UVGI medical terminology. Breakthroughs using germicidal UVC wavelengths suitable for Active Personnel, AP-UVGI is the biggest disruption to conventional UVGI and upper-room UR-UVGI mercury-line 253.7nm technology since its inception when William F. Wells, who discovered the spread of airborne infection by droplet nuclei and first demonstrated the ability of UVGI light to prevent airborne spread.

On the First Anniversary of Pandemic Start-Up Quanta X Technology, the world leader in analyte-based shortwave UVC detection, manufacturer of QuantaDose®, a credit-card-sized reusable Far-UV/UVC/UV light test card and QuantaMark™ Far-UVC counterfeit mark security systems.

Quanta X Technology launched a new website, apuvgi.com, to formally take notice of the break-neck-speed UVGI technology has rapidly innovated over the last year in creating an entirely new UVGI technology branch for Active Personnel (AP).

AP-UVGI or Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation uses presumably human safe wavelengths between 207nm – 222nm Far-UVC. This irradiation has been vigorously studied to be safe for human exposure in numerous peer-reviewed studies in 2020. AP-UVGI breakthroughs are the biggest disruption to conventional UVGI and upper-room UR-UVGI mercury-line 253.7nm technology in over 100 years.

QuantaDose provides instant confirmation of UVGI wavelengths to tens of thousands of customers worldwide and specializes in easy-to-use, reusable wavelength detection with a test card that glows UV-C letters when exposed to this completely new technology used to create invisible germicidal Far-UVC wavelengths.

According to John Coates, the company’s CTO and MP Master of Photon at Quanta X Technology, “Many innovative UVGI light manufacturers include a QuantaDose test card with their UVC and Far-UV lighting products to ensure customer confidence that invisible germicidal light is really present. Now that Active Personnel Far-UVC lights have been installed in places like up-scale Manhattan restaurants, Miami Dolphin locker rooms, Medical facilities, and Transportation services. AP-UVGI demand has sky-rocketed, and so has QuantaDose. A simple, low-cost, reusable Far-UV/UVC testing device that fits in your wallet. The QuantaDose test card is a handy device for patrons visiting establishments deploying the latest AP-UVGI technology using these new Far-UVC wavelengths created by band-pass filtered 222nm Excimer lamps and 219nm nanotech LEDs.”

Analysis and further testing

What is AP-UVGI?

The APUVGI website states, “AP-UVGI is an acronym for Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation.”

“AP-UVGI is a substitution of human-safe Far-UVC shortwave irradiation replacing conventional biologically harmful longer wavelength mercury-line UVGI and UR-UVGI germicidal ultraviolet-c irradiation. The discovery of a select narrow-band of Far-UVC wavelengths that are safe for human exposure with exceptional germicidal effectiveness makes AP-UVGI the most disruptive technology-based non-pharmaceutical pandemic countermeasure in human history!” — apuvgi.com

Katie Webb, the company’s CEO, said, ” I feel very blessed our technology helps people to understand more about this century-old technology as it evolves to address the people’s needs for cutting edge UVGI and UVGI detection during the pandemic crisis. The QuantaDose card detects the Far UVC spectrum containing these newly discovered UV light frequencies. Most incredibly by nature’s heavenly design, these invisible wavelengths between 207nm to 222nm light effectively render disease-causing pathogens inactive, while at the same time safe for human exposure too.”

A positive result

QuantaDose, the credit-card-sized reusable Far-UV/UVC/UV test card, is Qunata X Technology’s number one best-selling flagship product for light meters in every country the UV test card is sold. Now offers those entering businesses using Active Personnel-UVGI, a QuantaDose provides instant notification of line-of-sight exposure to a germicidal Far-UVC lighting source. Utilizing rapid visualization technology, the QuantaDose UVC Test Card also helps consumers discern fraudulent Ultraviolet-C disinfection lighting products from effective ones scientifically proven to destroy any virus variant.

When Coates was asked, Why are businesses, football organizations, transportation, and events jumping at the chance to install and use Far-UVC lights? He stated, “Vaccines aren’t the only thing that was fast-tracked. The pandemic changed the course of UVGI by 10 years in 12 months. UVGI advanced so much that it requires a distinctive prefix for Active Personnel-UVGI (AP-UVGI). There are products on the market right now using nanotech LEDs, which didn’t exist until very recently; with very narrowband 219nm Far-UVC LED availability, the landscape of UVGI will change quickly as solid-state technology eliminates the AP-UVGI affordability problem very soon.”

“Far-UV will be everywhere sooner than most think,” said Coates

Select Far-UVC wavelengths have gotten the green light by leading scientists worldwide on filtered Far-UVC that remains under the regulatory levels for daily UV limits on human exposure and remains very effective.

Coates continued saying that.”It was significant for Far-UVC irradiation to stay in a narrow band, and UVC levels to remain below current safety standards per local jurisdiction is the key. The QuantaDose test card can inform you of Far-UVC irradiation when no Far-UVC light source is visible,”

David Brenner directs the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University, Irving Medical Center in New York City. Over the past eight years, Dr. Brenner and his team have been developing the use of Far-UVC irradiation excilamps. Those lamps neutralize bacteria, bacterial spores, molds, yeasts, and viruses—including SARS-CoV-2.

David Brenner leads the charge for change on a personal note, putting the stamp of approval on filtered versions of excimer lamps emitting between 207nm and 222nm light as safe for deployment in spaces occupied by Active Personnel inside areas undergoing the Far-UVC UVGI decontamination process.

David Brenner, TED Talk: Can light stop the coronavirus?

To learn more about QuantaDose, please visit http://www.quantadose.com and the About Us or Contact Us page.

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Research breakthroughs in 2020 peer-reviewed studies on Far-UV irradiation for AP-UVGI applications.

Extreme Exposure to Filtered Far-UVC: A Case Study

September 2020

Study Shows Ushio’s Care222(R) Lamps Effectively Inactivate SARS-CoV-2 (The COVID-19 Virus

September 4, 2020

Far-UVC light: A new tool to control the spread of airborne-mediated microbial diseases

August 20, 2020

Exploratory clinical trial on the safety and bactericidal effect of 222-nm ultraviolet C irradiation in healthy humans

August 1, 2020

Far-UVC light (222 nm) efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses

June 1, 2020

Repetitive irradiation with 222nm UVC shown to be non-carcinogenic & safe for sterilizing human skin

April 1, 2020

Ultraviolet C light with a wavelength of 222 nm inactivates a wide spectrum of microbial pathogens

March 31, 2020

Long-term Effects of 222-nm ultraviolet radiation C Sterilizing Lamps on Mice Susceptible to Ultraviolet Radiation

March 1, 2020

DNA Damage Kills Bacterial Spores and Cells Exposed to 222-Nanometer UV Radiation

January 1, 2020

Founded in 2020, Quanta X Technology LLC is a world leader in FAR-UVC detection technology and non-pharmaceutical pandemic countermeasures that include new innovative Far-UV/UVC testing methods, Far-UV and Conventional UVC irradiation. The company’s mission is to create quality-of-life solutions by engaging in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of photon and proton management technologies designed to mitigate epidemics and pandemics.

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