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Quanta X Technology Is The Equation (q=1+X+T) To Neutralize Airborne Bio-agent Threats Through Suppression, Containment and Neutralization

Finishing the Work Of William Firth Wells Quanta X Technology (q=1+X+T) William Firth Wells was born in Boston in 1887, he was a military-trained sanitary engineer, and perhaps the clearest thinker on the subject of airborne infections to date! Wells later conducted seminal experiments at Harvard University between 1930-1937, and at the University [...]

QuantaDose™ Protects Consumers From Predatory Pandemic UVC Light Scammers with Germicidal UVC Light Test Card

QuantaDose Protects the Consumers From Predatory Pandemic Scammers with Affordable Germicidal UVC Light Test Card Device FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (SEMINOLE, FL) — (9/03/2020) — Utilizing rapid visualization technology, the QuantaDose™ UVC Test Card helps consumers discern fraudulent Ultraviolet-C (UVC) disinfection lighting products from effective ones that are scientifically proven to destroy bacteria, [...]

QuantaDose Mission – Message From CEO Katie Webb

Hi, My name is Katie Webb, and I am the Founder and Interim CEO of Quanta X Technology, the parent company of QuantaDose.com. We are a newly formed Aerospace Bio-defense Technology and Design company based out of Seminole, Florida, USA. Our mission is to create the most innovative quality of life [...]

Non-Pharmaceutical Pandemic Countermeasures

Non-Pharmaceutical Pandemic Countermeasures QuantaDose supports the assumption that repeating cycles of history contain many lessons. By just looking back at the choices made by the world’s greatest minds devoted to the art of war. QuantaDose can not find a single example of a winning strategy that allows an invader to take over your [...]

What is the difference between UVC Dosimeter Test Cards vs UVC Intensity Test Cards vs UVC Indicator Test Cards

There are three main types of UVC test cards on the market today. With the three of them come three very important and very distinctive aspects between these UVC measurement cards: 1) UVC dosage test card 2) UVC intensity test card 3) UVC wavelength indicator test card Each of these three aspects of UVC [...]

QuantaDose UVC Dosage Cards – Photo Degradation Effects Photochromic Materials

Important things you must understand about QuantaDose™ test cards before you buy one! quantadose-uv-test-card-review-UVC-color-differential-test-10-jm2-uvc If you are not getting a color change displaying the word ULTRAVIOLET in the lower section of the Quantadose test card while the UV-C indicator is green, the UVC light is likely not reaching the desired level of germicidal [...]

Fake UVC test strips are flooding the market to validate fake UVC wand and sterilizer germicidal light devices

Fake UVC test strips are flooding the market to validate fake UVC wand and sterilizer germicidal light devices.I just want to let everyone know that many companies are selling fake UVC test strips with claims they perform like the QuantaDose™ Card that simply don’t work as advertised. These false claims endanger anyone trusting their [...]

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Two UV Test Strips in One: QuantaDose UV Light Test Card Has UVC Shortwave Test Strip 254-275nm and UV Wide-band 200-400nm Test Strip

The QuantaDose™ UV/UVC Test card was designed to be a simple tool to help keep your family UVSAFE™ The QuantaDose™ First edition 2020 Dual wavelength UV Test card consist of "two unique UV test strips" on "one reusable UV test card". The QuantaDose™ UVSAFE™ UV detector card is the world's first narrow-band shortwave test card [...]

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