The War on Flu Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), has made it their mission to help children fighting for their life see the world in a whole new way this Christmas. COVID-19 has taken away resources to the non-profit world and overshadowed the many other current societal needs, including children with chronic or terminal medical conditions. With the end of the year 2020 insight and Christmas on the horizon, this new non-profit, along with its directors and co-founders Jason LaBossiere, Kristina Boatman, and Mel Sams, are bringing an incredible gift to John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital by donating fifty Oculus 2 virtual reality (VR) headsets and fifty tablets. Oculus headsets allow the user to be fully immersed in virtual reality, whether flying and exploring new lands or playing a game against others near or far.

At Stanford School of Medicine, doctors have found that virtual reality systems help children escape pain and anxiety by distracting their brains in this fully immersive reality. One study by the University of Washington found burn victims felt 50% less pain when being treated while experiencing virtual reality.

The War on Flu founder Jason LaBossiere has coordinated the donation with newly reelected Florida Senator Darryl Rouson.  Mr. LaBossiere commented, “This is only the start of our giving. These kids need everyone’s help.  The pandemic has overshadowed many things; it won’t be the kids at All Children’s hospital this holiday season.  We really want a smile on these children’s faces on Christmas Day.  However, our main goal is to help these kids reduce anxiety, stress, and pain while enduring regimental medical treatments while just having fun exploring this new immersive VR technology.”

Senator Rouson added, “I am proud that children in healing at a world-class medical institution in Senate District 19 will benefit from this incredible gift.”

The donation to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, formerly All Children’s Hospital, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, comes with stocking stuffers for the pediatric patients’ parents and guardians.

This amazing gift to Johns Hopkins was presented with a safety tool and tip.

The War on Flu included a donation of 200 QuantaDose UVC light test cards to give away to the parents and family members visiting their love-ones at All Children’s Hospital.

According to Mr. LaBossiere, “There are a lot of fake UV disinfection products being sold openly by third-party sellers on mainstream online marketplaces.  Fake UV light products marketed with unverified claims, available 24/7 to our neighbors, are a potentially fatal scam during the pandemic.  The QuantaDose UVC light test card can instantly identify a fake UVC light, so people are not relying on a false sense of virus cleaning before entering All Children’s Hospital.”

Florida-based Gym, WeBeFit, posted a youtube video using a QuantaDose card identifying fake UV lights before using them to protect everyone in their surrounding community.

LaBossiere said, “One fake UVC light in the wrong place at the wrong time can endanger lives in an entire community.  The Oculus 2 VR headsets are a great gift for the kids at All Children’s Hospital, and the QuantaDose UVC test cards are a must for those depending on authentic UVC light devices purchased online to aid in the disinfection process.”

This donation was made possible with the help of:

Senator Darryl Ervin Rouson (D), District 19, St. Petersburg, Florida

Katie Webb & John Coates, Quanta X Technology LLC, Seminole, FL

Kristina Boatman, Odyssey Yoga LLC, Saint Petersburg, FL

Citgo J & L Stop and Shop, Redington Beach FL

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