How do I know if germicidal UVC light is being emitted?

How do I know if germicidal UVC light is being emitted?

Dr. Michael Kralik, Director of Engineering at Western Technology answers questions about the UVC BODYLight™.

Question: How do I know if germicidal UVC light is being emitted?

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hi i’m dr Michael credit with western technology lights. one of the questions that we receive is how do you know ultraviolet c radiation is being emitted from a light source in this case of course we uh have the western technology
germ killer the uvc body light and it emits ultraviolet radiation at 275 nanometers so how do you know that that germicidal radiation is actually being emitted from this light and the easiest way to do this with ultraviolet radiation is to use what is called the dosimeter dosimeter card this one this particular one is called the quantadose and it has on the back uvc activated strips here that will change color when ultraviolet light is present and it will tell you basically the dosage and you can use this to detect whether or not uvc radiation is actually being emitted
i’ve had this outside sunlight does not activate it it has to be uvc radiation what I’m going to do is stick it to the rod here and i will put on my protective equipment because I don’t want to be irradiated by uvc radiation zip up my jumpsuit cover my head and face okay we’ll take the uvc body light we’ll turn it on you can see it’s switched on we have red leds that indicate that we’ve got germicidal radiation being emitted it takes approximately one second to
inactivate the 19 so i’m going to bring this up 1001 and pull back you can already see where it says ultraviolet
what’s interesting about this is that there is a at least under my eyesight there’s an invisible uvc that shows up uv dash c so when ultraviolet c radiation is emitted that indicator shows uvc radiation and then the ultraviolet is shown because uvc radiation a dosage sufficient for it to inactivate the virus was present and this readily shows that i have actually emitted enough ultraviolet light in the uvc spectrum to inactivate covid19 so this card is sanitized and it’s a very simple method by which to uh inactivate the copic 19 to ensure that you’ve inactivated it by having this card
present and actually being able to see the fact that ultraviolet is now present on the card so with that i recommend
using a dosimeter to be able to feel confident in the fact that your uvc emitted light source has actually inactivated
the kobit 19 and that is functioning properly
thank you

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