UVS Ultra Violet Pty Ltd Thinks Women Can Understand the Principles of FAR-UVC light When It Is Only The Laws of Physics Apply – Alpha This!

Hi Katie,

The Inverse Square Law relates to a Point Source of Light, which obviously a UVC Lamp is not, but this is only one item that needs to be taken into calculations. As you move away from the Right Angle from any UVC Lamp the Irradiance Values start to reduced due to Internal Reflection Losses. It is a very complex technology.

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You can certainly bring geometric optics, interferometry, or a host of other things into the distribution of UVC light. Both Newton’s gravity and Coulomb’s electric force have this property exhibiting the inverse square law. Is this a coincidence? No, the inverse law is rooted in the fabric of God’s universe.

No matter how you turn your light, at the point, there is no interference with an electromagnetic wave it will ALWAYS follow the laws of physics. From the change in wavelength over light-years to the power that reaches your kitchen floor from the ceiling is something that will never change mathematically.  At least in this simulation of a universe, this is hardcoded.  An unbreakable rule in God’s awesome game.

All games have a hack for extra life, even if it’s just a little extra life and a 222 peak inside a 23nm slice between 207-230nm out of an infinite EM spectrum might be our easter egg.  Is the 222 a coincidence? I think not, it is the beginning of the end of humans requiring viruses for evolution.   Cutting this tie that has lasted since the formation of life is our next step in human evolution!

In the decades to come, the same LEDs on phone screens will transmit data using FAR-UVC instead of current li-fi simply because of solar noise aspects of quantum hardened light-based communications. Looking into the future UVGi-Fi is going to be the IoT.  I’m not too worried about the laws of physics changing as you’ve suggested Rob, I’m excited for the future where we win the #WarOnFlu with the flow of data like the flow of water, that is humanity’s next big step in evolution.  Severing our ties with airborne viruses for which nature’s genetic evolutionary adaption is no longer need for life made in God’s own image, intellect!



Katie Webb

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