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Introduction to AP-UVGI: The innovative technology that uses human-safe Far-UVC light

Introduction to AP-UVGI AP-UVGI, or Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, is a new and innovative technology that uses human-safe Far-UVC shortwave irradiation to replace conventional longer wavelength UVGI and UR-UVGI germicidal ultraviolet-c irradiation. This technology is considered to be the most disruptive non-pharmaceutical pandemic countermeasure in human history. The History of AP-UVGI The first germicidal […]

Declaration of Oliver R. Lawal: The Future of Far-UVC Technology at Stake in Patent Trial and Appeal Board Hearing

The Future of Far-UVC Technology at Stake in Patent Trial and Appeal Board Hearing Far-UVC technology is one of the most promising and innovative fields of technology today. Its applications are diverse and range from sterilization and disinfection to the treatment of various diseases. The technology has been the subject of much research and development, […]

Far-UVC Patent Trial To End Monopolization Of Natural Germicidal Effect of 222nm UV Light

The use of ultraviolet (UV) light to kill harmful microorganisms has been known for decades, and has been widely used in various applications such as air and water disinfection, and surface sterilization. However, the use of conventional UV light sources (typically, those in the range of 200-400 nm) for these applications has several drawbacks, including […]

QuantaDose® Multi-Wavelength Bi-Luminescent UV/UVC Light Test Card


The world’s only bi-luminescent (Two Color) wavelength indicator that distinguishes between longwave UVA and shortwave UVC light Longwave analyte is sensitive to 300-395nm UVA/UVB which before exposure is clear, while under a Longwave UV source will glow in the range of red to red-pink in color. The shortwave analyte is sensitive to 220-275nm UVC which […]

Petition asks the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) to invalidate all 18 claims asserted in U.S. Patent No. 9,700,642


Your Content Goes Here BREAKING NEWS:  Larson Electronics, Eden Park Illumination, Inc, and Far UV Technologies have been joined by Ushio America, Inc to crush the Far-UV patent troll witches preventing companies from saving lives with Far-UV light in one of the world’s worst pandemics! PETITION FOR INTER PARTES REVIEW OF UNITED STATES PATENT NO. […]

Why is the best way to end/prevent a pandemic silent in the media and trapped in USA courtrooms?

Abuse of United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO Is Being Use As Weapon of Mass Destruction WMD During COVID Pandemic

Your Content Goes Here is the best way to end/prevent a pandemic silent in the media and trapped in USA courtrooms? Far UV pandemic countermeasures can not even be advertised without threats of litigation when all we want is the freedom of speech to Advertise for building awareness that there is a better way than […]

222nm Far-UVC Light Cancer Risk From Unfiltered (KrCl) Krypton Far UV-C 222-nm Excimer Krypton Chloride Excilamps Hazards

These days, QuantaModule’s open-source Far-UVC lighting hardware is the latest rage among venture capitalists and technologists seeking to enter the Far-UVC light business to battle the virus. QuantaDose Far-UVC test card manufacture issues these entrepreneurs warnings on Far-UVC cancer risk from unfiltered Far UVC 222nm Excimer (KrCl) Krypton Chloride Excilamps.   SEMINOLE, FLA. APRIL 23, […]