Yes, Your Cell Phone Case CAN Increase Your Radiation Risk. Claims Dr.OZ, EWG and RF Safe

In a compelling episode aired on May 7, 2024, Dr. Oz delves into a topic of growing concern: the potential health risks posed by cell phone radiation and the effectiveness of various cell phone cases in mitigating these risks. Titled “Does Your Cell Phone Case Increase Your Radiation Risk?”, the episode provides critical insights that every cell phone user should be aware of. Below, we summarize the key points and findings from this episode, which you can watch in full here: Dr. Oz | S7 | Ep 35 | Does Your Cell Phone Case Increase Your Radiation Risk?.

The Episode Highlights:

  1. Initial Concerns and Questions: Dr. Oz opens the episode by addressing a fundamental question: Can our cell phones cause brain cancer? This concern has been a subject of debate since the early stages of cell phone development, with new headlines and studies emerging that continue to fuel this conversation.
  2. Understanding Smartphone Radiation: Dr. Oz explains that when we make a phone call, our phones send and receive signals via radio frequency (RF) waves. These waves, while not as strong as X-rays or nuclear radiation, can still heat up water in our tissues, raising concerns among doctors about their potential effects on human health.
  3. Testing Cell Phone Radiation: To provide concrete answers, Dr. Oz sends Dr. Butch Rosser to an RF exposure lab in San Diego. Here, they use a robotic arm and a human head model filled with a substance mimicking human tissue to measure radiation exposure from popular cell phones.
  4. Key Findings on Radiation Exposure:
    • Distance Matters: The tests confirm that the amount of radiation exposure drops significantly as the distance between the phone and the head increases. At 1 inch away, exposure drops to 15%, and at 3 inches, it falls to just 5%.
    • Variable Factors: Other factors affecting radiation exposure include reception quality and the type of service, with poorer reception leading to higher radiation output.
  5. Impact of Cell Phone Cases: Dr. Oz’s investigation reveals that not all cell phone cases are created equal. Some cases, instead of protecting users, may actually increase radiation exposure. This is particularly true for cases that block the phone’s antenna, forcing the device to emit more radiation to maintain signal strength.
  6. Testing Different Cases: Dr. Rosser tests several types of cases:
    • Metal Cases: These can decrease radiation exposure by 20%, but may affect reception.
    • Flexible Plastic Cases: Surprisingly, these can increase radiation exposure by 16%.
    • Hard Plastic Cases: These provide a slight reduction in radiation (6%).
    • Radiation-Reducing Cases: Cases specifically designed to reduce radiation exposure did their job, blocking radiation by 11%.
  7. Importance of Proper Use: Dr. Oz emphasizes that how you use your phone also plays a significant role in exposure levels. Keeping the phone away from the body and avoiding skin contact can make a big difference. He also advises against using phones directly against the head, suggesting hands-free options and maintaining a safe distance whenever possible.

The Role of the Environmental Working Group (EWG)

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has conducted significant research on cell phone radiation and its impact on users. Their findings are crucial for understanding the broader context of Dr. Oz’s investigation:

  1. EWG’s Analysis: EWG analyzed data submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by Pong Research Corp., showing that poorly designed cell phone cases can increase radiation exposure. Cases that obstruct the phone’s antenna make the device work harder to transmit signals, increasing radiation levels.
  2. Impact on SAR Values: EWG found that certain phone cases could increase the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) — the amount of radiation absorbed by the body — by 20 to 70 percent. This highlights the need for better-engineered cases that minimize radiation exposure rather than exacerbating it.
  3. Recommendations: EWG calls on the FCC to update its testing guidelines to account for the widespread use of smartphone cases. They emphasize the need for consumers to be aware of the potential risks and to choose cases that offer real protection.

The RF Safe QuantaCase: A Solution Backed by Science

The findings from Dr. Oz’s episode and EWG’s research validate the design philosophy behind the RF Safe QuantaCase, emphasizing the importance of every feature aimed at reducing radiation exposure:

  • Shielded Speaker Hole: Unlike many cases, the QuantaCase includes a shielded speaker hole, ensuring no gaps in protection.
  • No Metal Carrying Strap Loops: Metal loops can create unpredictable radiation patterns. The QuantaCase avoids these entirely.
  • Ultra-Thin Design: A thicker case can interfere with the phone’s antenna, increasing radiation. The QuantaCase’s sleek, non-detachable design ensures optimal signal strength while minimizing radiation.
  • Avoidance of Wallet Features: Wallet features can discourage proper use during calls or while texting, increasing exposure. The QuantaCase’s design keeps the phone’s shielding effective without adding unnecessary bulk.

Call to Action: Stay Informed and Protect Yourself

As consumers, staying informed about the potential risks of cell phone radiation and making educated choices is crucial. Major studies, including those by the Interphone study, Hardell group, CERENAT, U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP), Ramazzini Institute, REFLEX Project, and BioInitiative Report, all indicate potential health risks from cell phone-level electromagnetic radiation.

Educate and Act:

  • Visit Trusted Sources:,,,, and for more information.
  • Choose Safe Products: Opt for products that prioritize safety, like the RF Safe QuantaCase.
  • Spread Awareness: Share blogs, articles, and videos that highlight these critical issues to ensure a well-informed public.


Dr. Oz’s episode underscores the significance of thoughtful design in cell phone cases to reduce radiation exposure. The RF Safe QuantaCase is a testament to this philosophy, providing comprehensive protection through meticulous design. Stay informed, make educated choices, and help spread the word to protect yourself and future generations from the potential risks of wireless radiation.

Watch the Full Episode Here: Dr. Oz | S7 | Ep 35 | Does Your Cell Phone Case Increase Your Radiation Risk?

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