Fake UV Virus Protection Exposed By Popular Influencers, Doctors and Engineers By Engaging Social Media Fans Using QuantaDose UVC Light Test Card

QuantaDose, the world’s premier provider for reusable UVC light testing cards to detect fake germicidal UV-C lights, has rapidly innovated narrow-band UV fluorescence and wide-band photochromic materials into a popular tool for Social Media Influencers, Doctors, and Businesses to detect fake UVC lights, today announced the release of their much-anticipated QuantaDose Influencer affiliate program.

According to QuantaDose, the manufacture of the world’s first and only reusable UVC wavelength indicating intensity test cards, people worldwide are pulling together to fight fake UV virus protection as a manner of life and death.

Wednesday, the New York Times reported at least 3,011 Americans died, by the end of the week, Johns Hopkins researchers say 3,309 died on Friday, making it the worst single day of the pandemic. More Americans died Friday than on D-Day or 9/11.

Despite the grim realities everyone has faced as the novel coronavirus has taken 2020 by storm, disrupting the work, school, and personal lives of nearly everyone globally, mainstream online retail stores have continued flooding American households with fake and underpowered imported UV-C light sterilization products.

QuantaDose designed the world’s first reusable credit-card-sized UVC light testing tool for both technical and non-technical people. QuantaDose is a revolutionary new device that the average person can instantly detect fraudulent UVC lights without spending hundreds of dollars on a fragile UVC light meter.

Social media influencers to large and small companies have taken a front-line position to prevent consumers from becoming victims of something far worse than a scam. Selling a false sense of protection with fake UV isn’t just deceptive business; it can be deadly for many people during a pandemic.

These UV light virus scammers go largely underreported by mainstream media as communities ravaged by the virus turn to high-tech UV snake oil salesmen.

“Thank God for the people that can make a difference are doing their best to fight the fakes. Doctors, online influencers, small and large businesses, even groups and individuals on crusades to stop fake imported goods are all trying to get the word out before lives are terribly impacted by these dubious companies pushing UV-C light products for virus protection that sometimes don’t even emit UVC light at all” said, John Coates.

QuantaDose discovered a breakthrough in combining molecular fluorescence and the quantum confinement effect for photochromatic WPV (Word Power Visibility) technology to provide reliable UVC intensity readings in 15 seconds with instant optimal UVC germicidal wavelength notification. In this process, QuantaDose created the world’s very first reusable self-powered 2 in 1 (UV-C wavelength detector and UV photochromic intensity sensor) that fits in your wallet.

The QuantaDose UVC intensity test card relies on calibrated word legibility starting at > 300 µW/cm² of power when the word ” ULTRAVIOLET” first becomes legible during exposure optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths. Making QuantaDose the fastest and easiest UVC light test anyone can perform for validation in 15 seconds.

QuantaDose UVC test cards aren’t just used for spotting fake UVC lights, the world’s best manufacturers producing powerful UVC LED lights right here in the USA recommend QuantaDose UVC test cards. ” Said Katie Webb, CEO of Quanta X Technology, the parent company of QuantaDose.com.

One such company is Western Technology, Inc., world-class manufacture for industrial safety lighting for over 42 years; WT started production of the new WT GERM KILLER®, a 275nm peak germicidal UVC wavelength emissions from a compact UVC light system, which could be the most powerful handheld UVC LED light array with a single charge lasting about 4-hours at high power.

Dr. Michael S. Kralik, Engineering Director of Western Technology, posted a youtube video using the QuantaDose UVC test card to demonstrate the powerful UVC produced by the UVC WT GERM KILLER® BODYLight™, a world-class explosion proof portable handheld UVC LED germicidal light designed and built in America.

In the video titled, “How do I know if germicidal UVC light is being emitted?” the QuantaDose UVC test card provides effortless results in demonstrating to youtube fans how the QuantaDose readings appear almost instantly from powerful UVC dose and strong UVC intensity.

Webb said, “Everyone at the company is grateful for the support they receive to make the technology even better. Now, these companies like Western Technology or businesses like WeBeFit Gym to YouTube Influencers and individuals can all start earning up to 20% per referral sale with affiliate links to QuantaDose.com in a combined effort to help consumers find real UVC lighting that is powerful enough to really protect them in crisis.”

QuantaDose products are also available on Amazon which offers an affiliate program for those that prefer Amazon’s affiliate program. https://www.amazon.com/quantadose

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QuantaDose UVC test cards can be purchased online from the company’s website at https://www.quantadose.com.

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