Checking it Twice: Santa Claus Has New Test For Fake Germicidal UV Light Wand Stocking Stuffers With QuantaDose UVC Light Wand Test Card


quantadose-uvc-test-spot-fake-uv-light-how-to-tell-if-a-uv-light-is-workingQuanta X Technology, the parent company of QuantaDose, CEO Katie Webb suggests, “Anyone in Santa’s shoes gifting a UVC device to a friend or family member needs to make sure the UV-C device is real, and they also need to understand the potential dangers when using a UVC device for disinfecting objects and surfaces.  Real UV-C lights aren’t toys made by Santa’s elves as UVC light can damage your eyes in seconds and burn your skin.”

“In fact, UV-C light is a well-known carcinogen, and some UV light devices will produce ozone as a result of 184nm light from the mercury spectrum line escaping a quartz glass tube.  Ozone producing UV lights require even more safety precautions that are worth checking twice — to see if your UV products being gifted this holiday season are naughty or nice,” said Webb.

According to QuantaDose, “confusion has found the most fertile of breeding grounds as consumers attempt to weigh virus prevention advice coming at them from all directions during the COVID-19 pandemic.“

The 1961 novel Catch 22, by author Joseph Heller, may have said it best: “In confusion there is profit.”  2020 has been like no year in modern history as shoppers put their blind faith into the claims of untested personal protection devices sold online that can make the difference between life or death in an outbreak.

In this confusion, profits have soared for online retailers like Amazon that offer an almost unlimited selection of sanitizing products. Many devices sold by third-party sellers on these marketplaces make unverified claims regarding UV disinfecting power wavelengths used in these devices for virus protection. As it turns out, there is no shortage of fake UV disinfection products on the market.

The QuantaDose UVC light test card aims to reduce consumer confusion when choosing a real UV-C light solution capable of meeting their cleaning needs.  World-class phone support is even available from a toll-free number on the back of the QuantaDose UV-C test card (1-800-713-9004) to help consumers spot fake UVC LEDs and Lamps.

“UV light is a valuable tool providing the UV wavelength, UV power, and UV duration are suitable for the application,” notes John Coates, CTO and senior research scientist at Quanta X Technology.

“The reality is that with something like a handheld UVC light wand, it’s the distance, it’s the intensity of the UV light, it’s the wavelength of UV-C light, and the duration of UV irradiance. That’s not all, said Coates,” It’s the surface that you’re waving this UV wand over.  Is it marble?  Is it glass?  Is it wood?  Is it your mail or a face mask?  This all matters… and how often is a UV light wand tested to make sure it isn’t a fake UV-C light? Consumers should always confirm the UV light manufacturers UV-C wavelength and UV-C power claims, said Coates, the American inventor behind the reusable QuantaDose UVC light test card.

When you purchase a QuantaDose UVC test card, you have access to highly trained professionals in the USA at 1 800 713-9004 that can help you through whatever UV light testing or UVC setup questions you have.  QuantaDose doesn’t have a vested interest in the UV lights you use, only that you have real UV lights and enough power to do the job in the time you require to stay safe.

There are hundreds of different style UVC lights on the market. QuantaDose will walk you through the process of validating any of them with a live real person.  Many of the support calls are answered by the QuantaDose card’s inventor, so no questions are too big or too small.

Webb emphasizes, “The only bad question about testing UVC lighting is the one that isn’t asked to ensure consumers are not using fake UVC lighting to protect themselves and loved ones.”

“QuantaDose is here to help take any confusion out of the equation when it comes to verifying that UVC lights are real and effective virus precautions.  We’re here to take the mystery and confusion out of the UVC disinfection process,” said Coates.

About QuantaDose

Designed and Engineered in the USA, QuantaDose uses molecular fluorescence and the quantum confinement effect for photochromatic WPV (Word Power Visibility) technology to provide reliable UVC intensity readings in 15 seconds with instant notification of optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths. The QuantaDose UVC intensity test card relies on calibrated word legibility starting > 300 µW/cm² when the word ” ULTRAVIOLET” first becomes legible during exposure to optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths.

QuantaDose UVC test cards are a basic, reliable, low cost, simple, in-house, and right out of your pocket method of monitoring UVC intensity along with verifying that the optimal UVC light wavelengths are being used in your disinfection process without spending hundreds of dollars on fragile UV and UVC light meters.

When exposed to optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths, the QuantaDose UVC test card undergoes an instant color change to glow green, where fluorescence is directly related to the energy value of the UV wavelength received. Fluorescence stops instantly when excited electrons release all photons within nanoseconds after exposure.

QuantaDose has created this specially formulated ink chemistry sensitive to only optimal UV-C, which will not fluoresce to visible light or UVA and UVB. The QuantaDose test confirms that only wavelengths between 222nn-280nm are shown in glowing green letters UV-C.  QuantaDose gives you instant verification of UV-C wavelengths to avoid an increasing number of fake UVC light products on the market today.

QuantaDose UVC test cards can be purchased online from the company’s website at