QuantaDose Mounts Nucleophilic Attack Against Coronavirus To Push Back The Invisible Enemy

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Quanta Humidifier™ New Technology Turns Ultrasonic Humidifiers Into Nucleophile Generators with Hydroxyl Air Humidification for Air and Surface Sterilization

Quanta X Technology LLC , parent company of QuantaDose® in partnership with PMA Aerospace’s Dunhome division has just launched the Quanta Humidifier™ in the USA.

A landmark innovation that will change the air humidifier industry forever just became available on August 15th. The Quanta Humidifier™ is the world’s first ever hydroxyl air humidification and sanitization system without UV or toxic ozone which was previously a by-product of hydroxyl production before the introduction of the Quanta Humidifier™ for disinfecting occupied spaces with UV Free supercharged OH- Hydroxyl ions. What it boils down to is human safe negative ion enriched Humidification.

The New Quanta Humidifier™ Antimicrobial Air Humidification and Sterilization System simply replicates nature’s ability to generate the hydroxyl molecules that are found in the earth’s atmosphere, allowing us to create them indoors for a healthy indoor environment.

The Quanta Humidifier™ Antimicrobial Air Humidification, Air Purification and Air Sterilization Humidifier product is the most technologically sophisticated and advanced consumer designed and priced water to air and surface treatment device in the world, just released as of 8/15/2020!

It is the world’s only air humidifier sanitizer that has a non-UV Hydroxyl Generator for inhabited areas that has ever been made! Media reporters around the world can reach our engineer team 24 hrs a day through September 1st at 727 600 1314 or in the USA 1 -800 -713 -9004

The Quanta Humidifier™ took designed considerations for a easy to use air disinfection process that uses low voltage, only 24 volts, so this device can be powered globally in areas with limited electricity around the world.

According to Quanta X Technology CEO, Katie Webb ” The Quanta Humidifier™ releases an army of nucleophiles that can target a virus while providing a perfect level of humidity in occupied areas using completely safe air-born ultrasonic hydroxyl ions carried in droplets of disassociated water.”

“It is a huge break-through to cheaply protect people most at risk. This is the perfect solution for occupied spaces such as homes, waiting rooms, doctor offices, and nursing homes – anywhere people temporarily gather”, says Webb.

The Quanta Humidifier is a huge breakthrough technology for indoor humidification air quality control devices to aid in pandemic countermeasures with a life span of 2000 hours.

Quanta Humidifier™ proves Humidifier’s can do more than just add water into the air. This innovation, creates a new class of antimicrobial air humidifiers with an all natural air-cleansing agent that creates an oxygenated hydroxyl mist, with the power of hydroxyl ions, to purify air of bad smells and bad germs with the diatomic anion chemical formula of OH− within the chemistry of water.

OH− consists of an oxygen and hydrogen atom held together by a covalent bond, and carries a negative electric charge. It is an important constituent of electrolyzed water.

H2O exposed to electrolysis causes a catalytic process that creates powerful antimicrobial hydroxyls, or hydroxyl ions (OH).

Inside the Quanta Humidifier water (H2O) molecules are instantaneously converted into hydroxyl ions and launched into the air to fill a room up to 1000 sq feet with a powerful disinfecting agent safe for people filling the air.

These highly reactive hydroxyl ions are negatively charged hydroxyls in water that can easily cause damage to a positively charged viral protein coat or cell membrane because it is not repelled, as a proton is ripped from the virus — the by-product results in water vapor (H2O) being formed by the Hydrogen Ion.

Get your nucleophiles right here in the USA to keep the party of life going strong!