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White Paper on NAS Countermeasures 2020 Quanta Humidifier Defense Capabilities

humidifier-Reactive-Oxygen-Species-ROS-Air-Bridge-Hydroxyl-Generator- Nucleophilic-Attack-Strategies-NAS-Countermeasures-through-Hydroxylated-Humidification

NAS Countermeasures: Nucleophilic Attack Strategies Quanta X Technology – Abstract NAS Countermeasures provide a scalable method to reduce the airborne spread of bio-agents through hydroxylated humidification to regain our territorial advantage for human-occupied areas in a battle we are out-numbered trillions to one. The use of a fully submersible “Hydroxyl Reactor” using an […]

QuantaDose Mission – Message From CEO Katie Webb


Hi, My name is Katie Webb, and I am the Founder and Interim CEO of Quanta X Technology, the parent company of We are a newly formed Citizens First! Biodefense Technology and Design company based out of Seminole, Florida, USA. Our mission is to create the most innovative quality of life solutions by engaging […]

Non-Pharmaceutical Pandemic Countermeasures


Non-Pharmaceutical Pandemic Countermeasures QuantaDose supports the assumption that repeating cycles of history contain many lessons. By just looking back at the choices made by the world’s greatest minds devoted to the art of war. QuantaDose can not find a single example of a winning strategy that allows an invader to take over your land before […]

QuantaDose Mounts Nucleophilic Attack Against Coronavirus To Push Back The Invisible Enemy

Chemical-Free-Antimicrobial-Air-Humidification-sanitization-humidifier (1)

  Quanta Humidifier™ New Technology Turns Ultrasonic Humidifiers Into Nucleophile Generators with Hydroxyl Air Humidification for Air and Surface Sterilization Quanta X Technology LLC , parent company of QuantaDose® in partnership with PMA Aerospace’s Dunhome division has just launched the Quanta Humidifier™ in the USA. A landmark innovation that will change the air humidifier industry […]