The Quanta X Technology Manufactures Sample Seller Program

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What is Quanta X Technology Far UVC Light Manufactures and Far UVC Light Distributors Sample Seller Program?

Let there be no mistake; this is a war raging between two worlds — the enemy lurks in the microscopic world, ambushing the living in our macroscopic world! The time has come not to fear the microscopic world!

What can you do? Work together, help educate others on the newest non-pharmaceutical pandemic countermeasure technology.

– We must shine a new light on winning the War On Flu!

Quanta X Technology will not compete against any professional in the FAR UV lighting business! We offer several online platforms 100% free to anyone in the FAR-UV industry—like free business profiles on FarUV.Lighting and for an outstanding way to increase your own website’s search ranking using backlinks and brand awareness in organic search results.

Quanta X Technology is uniquely positioned to help accelerate the adoption of Far-UV as a replacement in most cases for legacy UVC used over the last 100 years, know as UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) light applications.

Most importantly, AP-UVGI an acronym for Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation using Far-UVC light. AP-UVGI installation requires an understanding of light’s inverse relationships to power that few general lighting contractors possess, along with understanding regulatory safety guidelines for human UVC safety limits.

Lack of this education is a clear bottleneck for mass adoption and deployment of safely bandpass filtered or very narrow band Far UVC lighting in occupied spaces with active personal going about their daily lives.

The standing head height of a 6-foot person should never exceed current safety guidelines for daily cumulative exposure limits. Ceiling height, lamp location, cycling times, temporally in transit or stationary personnel, and a host of other factors related to airflow and the pathogen itself puts this in a category of needing a trained AP-UVGI professional.

It’s no longer a question about how many monkeys it take to screw in a light bulb because the answer is none! Deploying Far-UVC lighting, even just screwing in a Far-UVC light bulb, takes a combination of technical skills to deploy safely and effectively.

The mathematical equation for light’s inverse square law of distance to power relationship is more commonly used daily by professional photographers, physicists, school professors, and UVGI specialists. This knowledge is now desperately needed for those responsible for installing Far-UVC lights for AP-UVGI in today’s homes, office buildings, public transit, and schools. This was pointed out in one of our recent press releases, “222-nm Far UVC Cancer Risk With Unfiltered Far UV-C 222 Excimer (KrCl) Krypton Chloride Excilamps”, Source QuantaDose 4-23-2021

Quanta X Technology will support this necessary training through free online courses for AP-UVGI install technicians in our next planned phase of online development shortly.

We invite all professionals in the UV lighting industry to contribute to questions and answers and the educational content for another way to enhance your company’s brand awareness. Any fact-checked educational section provided will receive credit for the Q&A content with a link to your website of choice.

The AP-UVGI installer initiative is launching on the website as one of the few links on the website designed not to compete with anyone manufacturing or selling Far-UVC lighting.

The only way this or any Quanta X Technology program can work against you is by not participating!

If you are among the ordinary everyday people globally entering the FAR-UVC industry or Far-UVC company executives that believe the world needs to shine a new light, one capable of preventing the costly toll of not being prepared for a pandemic?

Yes, then joining the Quanta X Technology’s QuantaDose Manufactures Sample Seller Program for exposure to the 10’s of thousands of people worldwide and at times over 1000 new customers each month that purchase and use the world’s number one reusable Far-UVC/UVC/UV test cards – this invitation is for you!

The customers and corporate clients of QuantaDose aren’t just buying and selling UVC products. They are the people confirming they are buying and selling the best UVC protection available for their needs through understanding UVGI power and dose relationships.

QuantaDose customers have made the first steps towards implementing UVC usage into their daily lives at home and work.

They safely use ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology to defend against a host of deadly pathogens through proper education on safe UVC usage. QuantaDose has offered toll-free phone support since very early into the start of the pandemic while keeping the press informed.

What is Quanta X Technology Far UVC Light Manufactures and Far UVC Light Distributors Sample Seller Program?

Unlike traditional advertising and marketing, we are so confident we can sell your FAR-UVC products at the MSRP. We will market your product in exchange for being your authorized sample distributer.

Payment for Quanta X Technology marketing services is only accepted in physical products, with a wholesale replacement value of a product being converted to advertising credits.

What happens to the sample?

The sample will be reviewed by a team of remote experts for the best marketing description for your product, with a goal for a great FAR-UV product to be easily understood by the end-users and easy to find qualified AP-UVGI installers.

What can you use advertising credits for with your first sample we get?

You can get a (your company)@farUV.Lighting email through Google business to access leads for bulk order inquires for your product!

You can get product samples listed on several targeted websites. To see our search performance try Google searching: 222nm 20w or far UVC 40 watt or even far uvc light bulbs for sale – We always have a site in the top ten with one of these sites.

And more…..

Your Far-UVC product can be listed on all these websites with just a sample!

We even credit your advertising account with the shipping charges incurred to ship us the sample!

Each product listing will also have a link to your business profile on FarUV.Lighting for the manufacturer’s or distributor’s direct contact information. Directly under the buy sample button of each unique product listing on each marketing site will have a wholesale product inquiry form to contact the product’s manufacture through the manufactures or distributor’s FarUV.Lighting email.

Translate listing service

Multiple business directory listing profile customizations

Onsite and off-site SEO services

Press Release Services In US market

Our customers need the best! FAR-UVC is it!us.A positive result


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